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July 11, 2015
by Travis Sawchik

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Is Polanco pivoting?

Gregory Polanco is the great hope for the Pirates’ second half in regard to untapped run production. With few sellers and many buyers in this trade market as the deadline approaches– and this will likely often be the case in …

July 6, 2015
by Travis Sawchik

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Injury bug bites into Pirates’ hidden advantage

PNC PARK – One of the strengths of the Pirates this season, perhaps thee strength that has not received proper attention, is health. The Pirates’ training, strength, and coaching staffs have done an excellent job keeping players healthy and on …

June 22, 2015
by Travis Sawchik

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Monday Mop-Up Duty: Who should be on first?

SOUTH HILLS – The Pirates have been in search of a solution at first base for some time. In 2013 prior to the deadline, they acquired Justin Morneau, but the move had little influence as his bat went dormant. Prior …

June 15, 2015
by Travis Sawchik

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Monday Mop-Up Duty: if not Hamels then who?

SOUTH HILLS – Hey, Cole Hamels looked pretty good on the PNC Park mound on Sunday, didn’t he? (See what I did there). This blog has advocated for some time the Pirates upgrade their starting rotation to not only keep …

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