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June 15, 2015
by Travis Sawchik

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Monday Mop-Up Duty: if not Hamels then who?

SOUTH HILLS – Hey, Cole Hamels looked pretty good on the PNC Park mound on Sunday, didn’t he? (See what I did there). This blog has advocated for some time the Pirates upgrade their starting rotation to not only keep …

June 9, 2015
by Travis Sawchik

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The Pirates’ draft pivot and what they’re saying

SOUTH HILLS – We’ve seen a change, a pivot, in the Pirates’ approach to the draft, at least on the first day of the draft. Consider from 2010-12 the Pirates selected pitchers with each of their first-round picks, all top-8 …

June 8, 2015
by Travis Sawchik

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Monday Mop-Up Duty: A new draft approach?

ATLANTA – Baseball America thinks the Pirates are willing to roll the dice on a prep pitcher in the first round of the draft, which begins tonight. From the last two BA mock drafts: Pirates It’s a high school pitching run. …

June 6, 2015
by Travis Sawchik

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Where should Marte sit at the table?

ATLANTA – There is a conventional wisdom that when placing a hitter in the batting order proceeding the lineup’s top threat, that hitter is going to see more fastballs and more fastballs in the zone. The idea is the opposing …

June 1, 2015
by Travis Sawchik

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Monday Mop-Up Duty: The perfect offseason?

SOUTH HILLS – Where would the Pirates be without their offseason additions? Would they have had such a strong stretch over the last 10 days to return to relevance? We’ve noted here before how A.J. Burnett has been the best free …

May 25, 2015
by Travis Sawchik

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Monday Mop-Up: Top shelf, top of rotation?

SOUTH HILLS – As disappointing as many aspects of the Pirates’ season have been up to the season’s quarter mark, the weekend’s sweep of the Mets – an important weekend considering the Mets are an emerging team like the Cubs …

May 21, 2015
by Travis Sawchik

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Blame game at the quarter mark (and a podcast)

SOUTH HILLS – The Pirates have to hope this is the low point in their season. Before Wednesday’s game, Starling Marte – the club’s best position player to date- was getting an earful from Pirates manager Clint Hurdle in a …

May 18, 2015
by Travis Sawchik

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Monday Mop-Up: Arms (and Bats) Race

CHICAGO –  Three-and-a-half hours before first pitch Sunday, Kris Bryant tried to make his way in the players/media gate off Waveland Avenue. He was in street clothes and carried a backpack and a single bat in his right hand. Maybe …

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