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February 23, 2015
by Travis Sawchik

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Monday Mop-Up Duty: What to expect of post-hype Polanco?

SOUTH HILLS – Recall the hype surrounding Gregory Polanco‘s call-up last season? It was greater than that of even of Gerrit Cole of a year earlier. Polanco was billed as the team’s best positional prospect since Andrew McCutchen. It was as …

February 18, 2015
by Travis Sawchik

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The communication gap

SOUTH HILLS – Pitchers and catchers report today in Bradenton, Fla. and the full squad is due in on Feb. 24th, though a number of players have already arrived in camp. Each year, when the Pirates’ full squad migrates to …

February 13, 2015
by Travis Sawchik

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The case against shrinking the strike zone

SOUTH HILLS – There’s a number of reasons for baseball’s decline in offense, as run scoring contracted for an eighth consecutive year last season to 4.07 runs per team per game. That’s fewest runs per game since 1981. There’s the proliferation of …

February 10, 2015
by Travis Sawchik

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Can the Pirates’ pen be elite again?

SOUTH HILLS – The one area where the Pirates could regress to the mean in a significant, positive, low-cost way in 2015 (progression to the mean?) is simply through a better bullpen performance. Recall, one of the reasons the Pirates were so good …

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