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October 13, 2014
by Travis Sawchik

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Monday Mop-Up Duty: Is Stewart an adequate plan B?

SOUTH HILLS  - I think we all understand Russell Martin is going to be a tough sign unless he gives a discount in years or dollars to the Pirates. And discounts are usually pipedreams in free agency. In an impending …

October 6, 2014
by Travis Sawchik

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Monday Mop-Up Duty: Lessons from 2014

SOUTH HILLS –  A baseball season is a funny thing. It’s something you live with on a daily basis for six months (seven-plus consecutive months if you’re a player, coach, executive, or even a sports writer) … and then it’s …

October 2, 2014
by Travis Sawchik

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The sound of silence … and what broke that silence

SOUTH HILLS — As I wrote in my sidebar for today’s print edition, what struck me was the silence. After Brandon Crawford‘s grand slam last night, Blackout II went silent and Madison Bumgarner kept it silent with a brilliant shutout …

September 30, 2014
by Travis Sawchik

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Who ya got Wednesday? It’s a tale of two advantages

PNC PARK — Here’s something that might comfort you: Edinson Volquez is probably a lot more relaxed than you are if you’re a Pirates fan. Volquez has had a loose, energetic, positive personality since the start of spring training, and …

September 29, 2014
by Travis Sawchik

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Monday Mop-Up Duty: True North

CINCINNATI – Clint Hurdle was right. There was no easy choice in making his pitching plan Sunday. But there were those that thought he should have played the probabilities and saved his best starting option, Gerrit Cole, for their next …

September 27, 2014
by Travis Sawchik

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A tactical retreat

CINCY –  There is a military strategy known as a tactical retreat. Not every retreat is a poor decision, a sign of weakness. Sometimes it is prudent and smart, a way to build strength. Sometimes it is a search to …

September 25, 2014
by Travis Sawchik

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Final answers revealed in Joe-Ja

ATLANTA – The Pirates entered Atlanta with only three areas of their roster carrying uncertainty as far as playing time and roster construction in October is concerned. Those areas? Right field, the bullpen bridge, and the No. 4 starter spot. …

September 24, 2014
by Travis Sawchik

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Same place, another soaked carpet, different mood

ATLANTA – As the clubhouse opened after last night’s win, the Pirates celebrated wildly as all postseason clinching teams do, exhausting 20 cases of champagne (six bottles in each case – roughly two for every member of the traveling party) …

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