FA09: Day 1 – 1st update


Happy FA Day, kiddies. The first update:


Scuderi: Not much has changed. He will test market, but come back to Pens with chance to match or get close any offer.

Fedotenko: I’m not hearing the sides are close. Most interesting comment from GM Ray Shero came Monday. “We thought Ruslan could help us win the Cup and he signed a one-year deal to help re-establish himself and make some money on his next contract. That’s what happened, really. Whether he makes that money here or somewhere else, the plan has worked for both sides.”

Gill: His return is very-much tied into Scuderi’s status. I’m told he will also come back to Shero after receiving an offer. The Penguins value him a lot, on and off the ice.

Sykora: That neither side has ruled out his return is not as surprising to me as perhaps others. Sykora is a well-liked teammate, and the Penguins have always been aware how he played the final third of the regular season with a damaged right shoulder. His return would probably need to come with a heart-to-heart with coach Dan Bylsma, as Sykora was not thrilled with how his postseason benching was handled.

Garon, Boucher, Satan, Zigomanis: Their returns are very unlikely, with only Boucher seeming to have a slight chance – and that’s if Scuderi and Gill both bolt.


Shero on UFA Day 1: “We’re down to specific sorts of players. If we don’t get them, we’re willing to wait. If you don’t get what you are looking for, you’ve got to wait.”

D Brooks Orpik on the UFA process: “The thing you’ve got separate is yourself from your agent and the people trying to influence you – even if those are people you trust and who are looking out for you. At the end of the day you have to make your own decision and live with it. You can’t make a decision just to please other people. You have to be 100 percent happy with it.”

As has been widely reported, though first by us last year, Orpik had offers for $1 million more annually from two other teams but opted to re-sign with the Penguins at $22.5 million over six years ($3.75 million annual).


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