FA09: Day 2 – 2nd update


FA Day 2: second update…

Fedotenko, Sykora/Scuderi: Not getting a lot of return calls on any of these players.

A nugget on the Scuderi talks with Pens: I’ve heard they are not willing to go much above $2 million annual average salary, but they would consider going that high on a four- or five-year offer.

Also, I was told by the Fedotenko-Sykora camp to expect something “soon.” That was just after 8:30 a.m. In the course of an offseason, “soon” could be a five-to-six hour period.


Canada Hockey has invited 46 players to its August orientation camp for the men’s ice hockey team that will compete at the 2010 Vancouver Games. Three Penguins are on the list, and two are mild surprises.

C Sidney Crosby, who is a lock to make the final roster (if healthy), will be joined Penguins teammates C Jordan Staal and G Marc-Andre Fleury. During the Stanley Cup Final there was significant debate amongst members of the Canadian media about the Olympics possibilities for Staal and, especially, Fleury.

I’m not sure the Penguins’ Cup win sealed an orientation invite for Fleury, but it surely didn’t hurt. I still contend he is a great option for the No. 3 slot on that Canada squad.

As for Staal, here are some excerpts from our conversation this morning:

On receiving word of camp invite: “I got the call yesterday and I was kind of in shock. Me and (brother, New York Rangers D) Marc were at my camp, and (older brother, Carolina Hurricanes D) Eric was at his camp. I got the call and was excited, and I called Eric, and he was excited – but neither of us were sure if Marc got the call, so we didn’t say anything to him. I finally looked at his phone and recognized the number, so I knew he had got the call. But I had to wait telling him because I wanted him to hear the message for himself.

On his chances to make the final Canada roster: “It’s probably going to depend on my first half, but hopefully they look at what I’ve done in the playoffs in Pittsburgh. I can play that role in the Olympics, and I do it pretty well. I can play against top lines and kill penalties, and score some big goals as well. I can be a game-changer in that way. Every championship team needs that.

On his day with the Cup: “It’s July 21, and I’m taking it (hometown) Thunder Bay, Ontario. So, like, that’s just a few weeks away. Wow! I have a rough draft on what I want to do. I’ll probably take it to a hospital in the city and have a party at my parents’ house. Eric (a Cup winner with Carolina in 2006) can touch it all he wants because his name is on it, but I don’t want him hoisting it a lot. That thing is mine that day.”

Staal added that he feels pretty good even though he’s played in every Penguins’ game the past two seasons. I told him that teammate and Penguins D Brooks Orpik has already started light workouts…

“Well, Brooksie is kind of crazy,” Staal said. “It’s important to get away. I just want to veg-out and let loose a bit. It’s important for my mind more than anything.”

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