FA09: Day 2 – 3rd update


FA Day 2: third update…

SCUDERI UPDATE: Add the Kings to a list of teams in the hunt for D Rob Scuderi. Minnesota and the Penguins also remain in the hunt, but I’m told the Kings are above $3 million annually on a long-term deal.

That Scuderi hasn’t accepted yet proves either: A) he is legitimately torn given the Penguins offer ($2 million annually at four or five years), of B) he, like other NHL players, can’t make enough to head west.

To play off what one of his teammates told me, “What is Scuderi waiting for?” Penguins cannot get to $3 million annual for him, or anybody.

FEDOTENKO/SYKORA: Sorry, gang, I have nothing new to report. Read below for my latest on those players.

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