FA09: Day 2 – 4th update


FA Day 2: fourth update…

SCUDERI TO KINGS: As the Trib first learned via a text from Rob Scuderi at 3:24 p.m., he has agreed to a four-year deal worth an average annual salary of $3,400,000.

I’ve updated the main Trib story several times. For details and reaction, read here: Tribune-Review/Pens

• Kings are an interesting spot for Scuderi. As former teammate and Penguins D Brooks Orpik reminded, they went hard after him last season when he was a UFA. L.A. has cap space, and perhaps the Kings aren’t done plucking Penguins – as the story linked above notes.

CROSBY SPEAKS: Reason for the delayed fourth CI update was a series of phone conversations, one with Penguins C Sidney Crosby, who will address a variety of subjects – including his Olympic orientation camp invite – in a Q&A that will run in Friday’s print product. Anyway, an excerpt from that piece:

Q: How comfortable are you with the long-term direction of the Penguins, who have only Chris Kunitz signed as a scoring-line winger beyond the next two seasons?

A: I’m definitely (comfortable). I think I can speak for anybody and say we want to win. That’s what motivates you. We push ourselves to be better and produce no matter who we play with. It’s not an easy thing with the cap to say you can give X-ammount for a certain position. It’s impossible to do that. We’ve got depth and guys that can play different roles. We want to win, and this group can do that.”

I’ve spent most of the past three years talking with Crosby almost daily during the season. This wide-ranging interview contains the most engaging answers he’s provided on several subjects.

• Interested to hear your thoughts regarding moves so far: via e-mail.

At some point when stuff stops happening I’ll have time to print some of your thoughts, many of which have been quite good.


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