Pens-Isles Postgame: Sid at 400, and Jake G



The Trib’s Terrific Trio:

1 – LW Ruslan Fedotenko, Penguins.

Key stats: 1 goal, 2 points, plus-2 rating, 6 attempted shots and 3 hits

Rossi: Sorry, Sidney; but Feds gets props for finishing the game after that nasty first-period check from Islanders D Brendan Witt.

2 – C/LW John Tavares, Islanders

Key stats: 1 goal, 2 points, 6 attempted shots, over 22 minutes played

Rossi: Sorry, Sidney (again); but props are deserved for another kid that delivered.

3 – C Sidney Crosby, Penguins

Key stats: 1 goal, 2 points, 17 of 26 on faceoffs

Rossi: Sorry, Sidney… plus, it’s not like the sixth-fastest player to 400 points minds sharing the spotlight.

“A quarter of that.”

–Penguins G Marc-Andre Fleury, on how many games Crosby will need to hit 800 points after recording 400 in 292

Rossi: With all due respect to Penguins C Evgeni Malkin and Capitals LW Alex Ovechkin, they take a back seat to Crosby in this scoring category. Consider:

  • Crosby’s 400 points in 292 games is a 1.37 per-game average. That trumps Ovechkin, whose 426 points in 326 career games is good for a 1.31 per-game average. Crosby’s per-game average edge on Ovechkin is more impressive considering he entered this season averaging 22 fewer goals per season since they each debuted in 2005-06.
  • As for Malkin, great as he’s become, he’d need to average 1.96 points over his next 48 games to match Crosby’s 292 in 400. If Malkin pulls that off he’ll have 96 points through 50 games and be on pace for a 157-point season. That would rank as the fifth-best single-season total in franchise history and the best in the NHL since Mario Lemieux posted 161 points in 1995-96.
  • Oh, by the way: Lemieux’s 161 points that season, which was Year 1 of the copy-cat trap era, came in 70 games, and after he took the 1994-95 season off. With all due respect to Crosby, Malkin and Ovechkin – they’ve got nothing on Lemieux.


I shared a flight to New York on Saturday with actor Jake Gyllenhall, who I should have apologized to during our brief chat once we landed at LGA.

Sitting by himself at Pittsburgh International Airport and going mostly without notice, he was within ear-shot of me and two of the Rangers beat writers. For those unaware, three beat writers within talking distance of one another cannot go more than five minutes without complaining about something. This complaint session focused on the decline of the newspaper industry and ethics among bloggers. Yeah, three newspaper guys complaining about the Internet and worried about the print industry – imagine that.

Anyway, Gyllenhall left his seat three times while we chatted, only to come back and delve into another magazine. I’m not sure if he heard our words and grew disgusted, but he wouldn’t be the first guy I’ve known to hear me blather on about something and simply walk away.

(I suppose I’m lucky it was Jake and not his sister, Maggie Gyllenhall; women tend to give my blathering far fewer minutes.)

On the flight, Jake was only too kind to sign autographs for several folks and pose for a picture – even though he clearly was focused on enjoying a few days in New York City. He and I happened to hit the tarmac steps to LGA’s terminal at the same time, and I asked if he was in Pittsburgh to shoot a film. He confirmed.

“So, what do you think of the city?” I asked.

“It’s a great city,” he said. “I mean, really, it’s a great city. I can’t say enough about it.”

“Yeah, we’ve got a pretty special place – and I’m not sure I care if more people don’t know about it,” I responded. “Are the people treating you well?”

“Very well,” he said. “Everybody I’ve met in Pittsburgh has been really… it’s just a great city.”

I wished him luck on the movie and headed for the LGA Marriott. He met a man I will presume was an agent and trekked to his getaway destination.

The only thing I can think to add is: Take that, Sienna Miller! (

–BY ROB ROSSI (10/4/09 – Uniondale, N.Y.)

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