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Pens-Rangers postgame


An apology to the dear readers, who may (or may not) have wondered what became of this blog. A combination of my chronic sinus infection, which hasn’t been helped by the Penguins’ traveling ways this month, leading to a couple of missed home games on my part, AND a broken computer on the last trip, made updating near impossible. Taking a third round of antibiotics for the sinus snafu, and the computer problems has been fixed. With that …


The Trib’s Terrific Trio:


Key stats: 3 goals, 5 points, plus-4 rating, 6 attempted shots, 15 of 20 face-offs

Rossi: Somebody wrote something last week about him not contributing enough to the Penguins’ success. I alerted Crosby of this Friday. “Thanks, Rob,” he said. “Now I’ve got something else to keep me motivated. I owe you one.” As of Saturday night, Crosby was six points off the scoring lead, and his team had won 6 of 8 games. Dooby-Dooby-Doo.


Key stats: 1 goal, 4 attempted shots

Rossi: His first winning goal in three seasons; but how about some long-overdue props to Eaton for holding the defense corps together during the past month. Oft-injured in his first two seasons, Eaton has been a rock of consistency the past two campaigns. At $2 million, he is a bargain — and something tells me GM RAY SHERO knew that when signing Eaton for two years in July 2008. Eaton is a UFA this summer.


Key stats: 1 goal, 8 attempted shots, 1 hit

Rossi: After 11 straight games without him in the lineup, it feels so good to write KENNEDY! … kennedy.



C EVGENI MALKIN, who scored his fourth goal in six games, on whether teammate and G MARC-ANDRE FLEURY has helped him with his English

Rossi: I advise that you keep reading toward the end…


A collection of 18 medallions featuring current Penguins players who were part of the 2009 Stanley Cup championship squad will be available starting Dec. 6 to readers of Trib Total Media’s seven newspapers.

Coupons found those publications can be redeemed at participating Giant Eagle and GetGo locations, where fans will get a free album with purchase of the first medallion — depicting none other that leading playoff goal-scorer and Penguins captain Sidney Crosby.

A new player medallion will be released daily through Dec. 23 at a cost of $2.99, plus tax. Medallions can only be purchased with the accompanying coupon from that day’s Trib Total Media newspapers, which include the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. Additional information can be found at the following web site:


It is rather embarrassing to this West Virginia University graduate — and grad student at Goucher College — that so many hockey players trump my intellect; nobody more than C/RW CRAIG ADAMS, a Harvard Guy who is a suited to teach college courses as he is muck it up as a checking-line force.

As many dear readers are aware, I am fairly fond of shooting the breeze with Adams’ teammate, Fleury. They sit next to one another in the Penguins’ dressing room, and often, Adams overhears my chats with his goalie.

Fleury turned 25 on Saturday, and after wishing him a happy birthday following the morning practice, I learned Fleury’s girlfriend had thrown him a surprise party Friday night. Many of Fleury’s best friends came to Pittsburgh, and they and he spent a nice evening of eating and conversation following the Penguins’ return from Long Island, where they lost, but Fleury didn’t play.

Anyway, Fleury told me that one great gift he received was the Wii system by Nintendo.

“I only had X-Box, so this is pretty cool,” he said, later noting that the game he played with Friends after dinner Friday was “Super Mario Bros. Wii.”

“It’s like a mix of the first Mario Bros from the old Nintendo and the …”

At this point Adams interrupted.

“Bros,” he said. “It’s not Bros; it’s Brother.”

“Really,” Fleury said, laughing. “I did not know that.”
“Yeah,” Adams said. “It’s why I’m telling you.”

Adams, who could provide expert commentary on Middle East policies, is also a gamer. Now, I feel a bit better.

— BY ROB ROSSI (11/29/2009)

YINZ TELL US: Thoughts and questions are always welcome. Send emails to Emails without writers’ full name and current hometown will not be read.

Author: Rob Rossi

Rob Rossi has covered the Penguins for parts of every season that Sidney Crosby has played in Pittsburgh. So, since 2005. He has led the Trib's NHL coverage since 2007, when he became the primary Penguins beat reporter. He joined the Tribune-Review in November 2002. Rossi, 35, is local chapter president of the Professional Hockey Writers' Association. He also dabbles in radio, as ClearChannel's "Penguins Insider," and TV, as "NHL Insider" for Root Sports Pittsburgh, and as a semi-regular contributor to The Final Word, a Sunday sports show that airs on WPXI. In 2012, Rossi was recognized nationally by Penn State's John Curley Center for Sports Journalism for his coverage of youth sports for a Trib series that investigated concussion protocol. In 2013, he teamed with Carl Prine for an investigative piece about athletes' charities what was honored regionally. A graduate of West Virginia University and Keystone Oaks High School, Rossi was raised in Crafton and Green Tree and currently resides in Brookline. He is currently working on the authorized biography of Evgeni Malkin. Follow him on Twitter: @RobRossi_Trib


  1. Frank Vicchy says:

    Really nice article by Mr. rossi. I enjoy his close ties and conversations with the Pens.

  2. Sportstriviafan says:


    –Interesting stat from Pensblog that shows as Crosby goes, so do the Pens:

    • In 19 games the Penguins have won this season: Crosby has 17 goals, 14 assists and a plus/minus rating of +20.
    • In the 9 games the Penguins have lost: Sid has 0 goals, 2 assists and is a -12

    Hart Trophy??

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