Jordan Staal on Olympic snub


Penguins C JORDAN STAAL on not being selected Wednesday morning by Hockey Canada to the Canadian men’s ice hockey roster for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics:

Q: Given the way you’ve played this season, how much did you allow yourself to believe you’d make the team?

A: I don’t know. I thought I’d had a good season. I wouldn’t say I had the best shot out there. There was a lot of players. That’s how it goes.

Q: What did you think that chance was?

A: I don’t know what the percentage was exactly. It was there. I didn’t say I should be on the team or anything like that, but there was definitely a moment I thought I could make it.

Q: Will you watch the Olympics?
A: No question I will. Again, there’s a lot of great players on that team that deserve to be there. I have plenty of years ahead of me I guess.

Q: They’ve bypassed some great young players before; does that make this any easier?
A: That’s true, but you still want Canada to win even if you’re not on the team. They should be good.