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More Crosby stuff, an update on TK, and how I’m helping the Pens win.


Some thoughts and observations after the Penguins’ 7-4 victory at Ottawa on Thursday night in Game 4 of an Eastern Conference quarterfinal playoff series.

— The Penguins are up 3-1 after four games against an East playoff opponent for the fourth time in seven series dating to 2008. They’ve swept two of those series. The Penguins are 3-1 in Game 5s over this span.

C SIDNEY CROSBY’S point-per-game average (2.75) is better than former C MARIO LEMIEUX’S 1992 rate (2.42) over seven games against Washington, during which he amassed a franchise-record 17 points.

— A more realistic franchise record for Crosby: former C RON FRANCIS’ 11 assists in a 1995 series against Washington, another seven-game affair. Crosby has seven assists in this series.

— Crosby’s regular-season tally against Ottawa: 2 goals, 13 points in 17 games. Crosby’s postseason tally against Ottawa: 9 goals, 24 points in 13 games.

RW TYLER KENNEDY did not look comfortable as he hobbled to the bench early in the second period. He was run into the boards by Ottawa D ANDY SUTTON, whose clean hit appeared to pin Kennedy’s right leg as momentum dragged them a couple of strides. Kennedy lifted his right leg as he approached the bench and did not return. He finished with only 3:37 of ice time, and HC DAN BYLSMA said he had no update on Kennedy’s condition.

— An interesting quote from RW CRAIG ADAMS that captures the feeling among Penguins: “We’re certainly not playing a perfect game out there. … I feel like we keep saying we’re a work in progress, but we’re headed in the right direction.” Adams added that the Senators have “given us everything we can handle” – a sentiment that seems to fit my working theory going into the playoffs that Ottawa was a tough matchup for the Penguins, and the best recipe for their seemingly malaise late in the regular season.

D BROOKS ORPIK has been credited with 18 hits through four games. Reason No. 1,856 since I’ve taken over this beat that I don’t trust most non-scoring status on final NHL scoresheets.

Off to Syracuse, N.Y., and then back to Pittsburgh for Game 5. A quick story first:

Before the Penguins’ morning practice Tuesday, I approached Bylsma and asked him to plead with the team to “win the next two games for me.”

To fend off the journalism ethics police: No, I wasn’t rooting for a team, just a situation that would allow me to avoid another drive to Ottawa for Game 6.

Bylsma’s response: “I’ll be sure that this is our motivation.”

I offered to sweeten the pot.

“Tell you what,” I said. “Wrap this up in five games and you’ll probably have a few off-days between the next series. I’ll not show up for most of them; so, by winning, you get to see less of me.”

Blysma smiled … at the prospect, I can only presume.

“Is anything with you not self-serving?” he said, tongue firmly in cheek.

“No,” I said. “But I think a few days of not seeing me would be in your best interests, too.”

I’m not saying he told Crosby to go out and make a run at ending this series fast because there was the carrot of me not covering a few off-day practices.

I’m not ruling it out, either.


Author: Rob Rossi

Rob Rossi has covered the Penguins for parts of every season that Sidney Crosby has played in Pittsburgh. So, since 2005. He has led the Trib's NHL coverage since 2007, when he became the primary Penguins beat reporter. He joined the Tribune-Review in November 2002. Rossi, 35, is local chapter president of the Professional Hockey Writers' Association. He also dabbles in radio, as ClearChannel's "Penguins Insider," and TV, as "NHL Insider" for Root Sports Pittsburgh, and as a semi-regular contributor to The Final Word, a Sunday sports show that airs on WPXI. In 2012, Rossi was recognized nationally by Penn State's John Curley Center for Sports Journalism for his coverage of youth sports for a Trib series that investigated concussion protocol. In 2013, he teamed with Carl Prine for an investigative piece about athletes' charities what was honored regionally. A graduate of West Virginia University and Keystone Oaks High School, Rossi was raised in Crafton and Green Tree and currently resides in Brookline. He is currently working on the authorized biography of Evgeni Malkin. Follow him on Twitter: @RobRossi_Trib


  1. Marc says:

    What does this mean exactly? What do u mean ‘swept two of thoe series’? I iz confuzzed.

    — The Penguins are up 3-1 after four games against an East playoff opponent for the fourth time in seven series dating to 2008. They’ve swept two of those series. The Penguins are 3-1 in Game 5s over this span.

  2. Le Magnifique says:


    We’re forgetting that Lemieux missed Game 1 of that Caps series in ’92 with a shoulder injury. So he actually put up those 17 points in *six* games (2.83 ppg). As usual, the truth about 66 is more amazing than we remember.

  3. Bru Magnus says:

    Why was Bill Guerin awarded a first assist on Kris Letang’s goal (the Penguins’ first goal) in Game 5? On every replay I’ve watched, the puck clearly goes through Guerin’s legs. The primary assist should be Evgeni Malkin’s, and Sidney Crosby should have the secondary assist. In my opinion, and many others, Crosby has blantantly had a point stolen away from him that is rightfully his. How can I/we remedy this? Is there an official statisticians site, or a link off of, that we can email an inquiry to? This must be remedied, especially when the League generally takes such big pains to be accurate on the part of other NHLers.

    Thank you for your time,

    Bru Magnus

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