Quick note on Hamhuis


OK, dear readers, perhaps a glimmer of hope for optimism regarding D DAN HAMHUIS signing with the Penguins:

Early Tuesday I sent his agent a text asking about reports that Hamhuis desires to play in Canada, preferably Western Canada. (Hamhuis’ lives in British Columbia, Canada). Here is the agent’s response, which I received late Tuesday evening:

“Untrue — Dan remains very open minded with respect to playing in the East versus the West or Canada versus the United States.”

If that is true — and I have no reason not to believe agent WADE ARNOTT, who has been honest in his talks with me — certainly U.S. teams wouldn’t be hesitant with Hamhuis come noon Thursday. Also, if true, it would suggest that Hamhuis’ reluctance to reach terms with Philadelphia had more to do with his fit with the Flyers than any geographical hangups.

He’s a top-pairing defenseman with the Penguins. If geography isn’t an issue certainly the Penguins would seemingly be an enticing suitor, perhaps the most enticing pending his wants.