Early-afternoon update on Pens’ FA situation.


Not a whole lot going on, dear readers, but some nuggets before the working lifers head home:

= No word from the camp of D DAN HAMHUIS. Though, I heard from one fellow beat reporter in an Eastern Conference city, and that reporter believes Hamhuis might land $5 million annual on the market. That’s going to be tough for the Penguins if they want to graft two defensemen onto their roster during the offseason. Also, another in-the-know reporter colleague said to me that he believes Toronto would be in-play if Hamhuis hits the market Thursday. I’m not sure that is a shocker, because Toronto seems to always be in play, but figured I’d pass it along.

I feel comfortable reporting (finally) that the Penguins are willing to go at least four years on a deal for Hamhuis, though I cannot say if contract terms have yet been discussed.

= Heard from the camp for D SERGEI GONCHAR. Agent JP BARRY said he has no scheduled talks with GM RAY SHERO, but that Shero usually makes at least one call every day. I wouldn’t expect that to change, but I also wouldn’t expect an 11th hour deal similar to the one Barry swung last year to keep the Sedin twins with Vancouver.

= All indications are that RW BILL GUERIN will likely hit the market, though his camp has not confirmed that to me. Chipped Ice friend Pierre “the French Cowboy” LeBrun is reporting that Guerin appears headed to hit the market, and as I’ve said many times over the years, if Pierre says so you can pretty much count it as good to go. Still, I’m holding out to hear from Guerin, whom I know Shero spoke with Tuesday.

= It’s very quiet with the Penguins, and it seems only slightly above a hushed level around the NHL. The day is young, though.