2010 FA Day 1: Second update


About half-an-hour left until noon. Some quick hits for the dear readers:

— D Zbynek Michalek was still talking with the Coyotes as of 11 a.m. That negotiation seems destined to run until the wire. The Penguins are keeping an eye on that situation.

— There are reports that Penguins will target D Paul Martin in the unlikely event that they quickly retain Ds Sergei Gonchar or Dan Hamhuis. I can’t say I’ve heard that even hinted at from anybody I’ve spoken with. Martin and Michalek are represented by different agents with the same company, if that matters. (It seems to have in the past with Cs Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin).

— Hamhuis and GM Ray Shero kept talking this morning, but he was going to market because several teams — notably Vancouver, Toronto and possibly Los Angeles — have big interest. He may be big winner on this market, which could mean bad news for Penguins.

— Gonchar might have a big offer coming from LA.