2010 UFA Day 1: Seventh update


Well, dear readers, as far as the Penguins are concerned the first-day frenzy has pretty much passed.

Sorry I’ve been out of touch. Just a crazy-busy day for me, what with working the blog, Twitter, an NHL chat over at the Versus site and trying to chase down dozens of untrue rumors while getting what was true confirmed. (I’ll share with you, at some point, the agony about confirming the PAUL MARTIN signing. It’s a bit raw, though, right now. I’ll say this: I knew for about two hours starting at 1 p.m. the Pens were going hard, really hard, after him, and when the time came to confirm it I just couldn’t find a second independent party — and I always want second independent party for such confirmations. The story of me seeking that second party was pretty entertaining, though. Something to look forward to, I guess.)

Anyway, my trust No. 2 on the Trib Total Media Pens beat, JOSH YOHE, had this to share as excerpts from his chats with Martin and ZBENYK MICHALEK. Enjoy. Also, enjoy a video that JUSTIN LABAR is putting together for the web site at triblive.com, and a hearty thanks to many of you that have chimed in with Day 1 comments. I’m so glad you are reading. Anyway, Yohe’s leftovers…


=  “I had a chance to play for Wayne Gretzky as my coach and now Mario Lemieux is my owner. How many people really get to say that? It’s a great thrill getting to play for Mario. It’s just one more thing that makes Pittsburgh so appealing to me.”

= “I like the challenge of playing on the power play. It doesn’t come as naturally to me as other parts of the game, but I feel like I’ve gotten better in that area and that I can help out of the team.”

= (He is in Czech Republic for the summer.) “I’m relaxing now. Probably I’ll go to Pittsburgh in the middle of August, get a feel for the city and decide where to live. I’m so excited about playing in the new arena. I know it’s a great hockey city. I can’t wait.”


= “I’ve talked with Mike Rupp this summer. He really loves it in Pittsburgh. He told me about how happy he was there, what a great organization it is to play for. He had nothing but great things to say about it. That definitely helped.”

= “I think that stuff about New Jersey not trying to score goals got a little overblown. I know this: If you want to win a championship, you have to have lots of good defense and play good team defense. I learned that in New Jersey. But still, playing with Crosby and Malkin, maybe that will help my numbers a little bit. I sure hope it does.”

=”I have a lot of respect for Gonchar. I’m not coming in there to replace him and the things he could do. I’m just trying to fit in and be a part of a good defense.”

Hat tip to Yohe.

–ROSSI (who is spent)