Latest USA Today rankings, and my best Bill Guerin story.


I’m knee-deep in Winter Classic preview stories, so Josh Yohe is covering the game tonight against New Jersey. Also, I took on the story of RW BILL GUERIN’S retirement. Allow me a quick story about Guerin after I urge you to look Sunday for a one that involves one of my musical idols.

The Penguins had dropped Game 5 of Round 1 during the 2009 playoffs. A series they opened with  2-0 lead had become 3-2, and they’d been shut out at Civic Arena. In fact, they weren’t looking a lot like the better team.

In the dressing room after Game 5, I posed a question — something about a sense of urgency, I believe — that Guerin redirected by delivering a speech about something entirely different, a subject of his own choosing. This wasn’t the first time he’d done that in the series.

Sometime in the next round I had a few moments alone with Guerin during an off-day at Washington. He had said something that made me laugh, and I cracked wise about that being the first exchange we’d shared recently during which he actually appeared interested in hearing my thoughts.

Him: What do you mean?

Me: Oh, it’s just that I keep asking you questions and you keep not answering them.

Him: I answer them, buddy.

Me: Well, yeah; but you go off on a tangent about something all together different than what I asked about. Makes me think I need to work harder at coming up with questions.

Him: No, they’re good questions… but I’m not going to answer them honestly in the playoffs. I know how that goes. You say all the right things in the playoffs. This isn’t my first rodeo.

Me: Ahh, I see.

Him: Ask me them in the regular season and I’ll answer them.

Me: Really?

Him (laughing): Probably not.

In that moment I realized what was so special about Guerin. He has a gift, as C SIDNEY CROSBY said Monday, and that gift is a wit quicker than anybody I know aside from local radio star Mark Madden.

OK, dear readers, this is the spot on Chipped Ice where you get some rankings. These are from, a voting pannel of which I am a part. Check out my votes after checking out this link:



1 – DET; 2 – PIT; 3 – BOS; 4 – MTL; 5 – PHI; 6 – VAN; 7 – WSH; 8 – NYR; 9 – DAL; 10 – LAK

11 – ATL; 12 – TBL; 13 – PHX; 14 – CHI; 15 – COL; 16 – SJS; 17 – NSH; 18 – STL; 19 – BUF; 20 – ANA

21 – CLB; 22 – MIN; 23 – CAR; 24 – FLA; 25 – CGY; 26 – OTT; 27 – EDM; 28 – TOR; 29 – NJD; 30 – NYI



1 – Sidney Crosby, PIT

2 – Tim Thomas, BOS

3 – Steven Stamkos, TBL

4 – Brad Richards, DAL

5 – Nicklas Lidstrom, DET



1 – Tim Thomas, BOS

2 – Carey Price, MTL

3 – Jonathan Quick, LAK

4 – Sergei Bobrovsky, PHI

5 – Ondrej Pavelec, ATL



1 – Nicklas Lidstrom, DET

2 – Kris Letang, PIT

3 – John-Michael Liles, COL

4 – Mike Green, WSH

5 – Dustin Byfuglien, ATL



1 – Sergei Bobrovsky, PHI

2 – Jeff Skinner, CAR

3 – Tyler Ennis, BUF

4 – John Carlson, WSH

5 – Jordan Eberle, EDM