Winter Classic section coming Sunday, and holiday wishes for all


Sorry for the infrequent posts this month. I’ve been working hard, long hours on a Winter Classic preview section that will appear in your Sunday Trib Total Media papers. There will be a lot of tasty treats, including a look at the unique Penguins-Steelers relationship. All the stories will be available on the web site, but I suggest you pick up a hard copy Sunday. Special sections are one of the few things newspapers do that remain, indeed, special — and this one is the best of any I’ve been a part of in my eight years with the paper. There is literally something for every Pittsburgh hockey fan.

= The Penguins were off Friday and are off Saturday. They’ll play at Ottawa on Sunday.

= That’s it, except to say Happy Christmas to everybody. If you’re like me and have lost loved ones this years, keep them in your heart. Also, I would like to thank every U.S. military person around the world. May this be your last Christmas away from home.