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Chipped Ice

Winning ugly over Carolina


Greetings, hockey fans.

= If you had tickets to this evening’s game between the Penguins and Hurricanes, you didn’t see the most entertaining game of the season. However, you should be proud of your Penguins. With the $17.4 million of salary currently out of the lineup, better known as Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin, the Penguins didn’t appear a good bet against one of the league’s hotter teams. But they played exactly how was required. They were sound defensively and did an excellent job killing penalties. It might not have been pretty – OK, it decidedly was not – but remember these two points in April when the Penguins are competing for a top seed in the East.

= Jordan Staal is quite a hockey player. I lost track of how many outstanding defensive plays he made during the game’s final minute. If you ever come into contact with one of those people who think the Penguins should trade Staal someday, please show them the clip of the final minute against Carolina. He made so many wonderful defensive plays in that stretch, and it’s that kind of ability that wins in the postseason.

= Wow, was that a boring first period. At one point, Rob Rossi almost punched his computer. Oh, wait, that was in the third period. Nevermind. Wrong story. Speaking of Rossi, he’s going to be quite warm at Heinz Field tomorrow. It helps to know equipment managers.

= Marc-Andre Fleury remarkably has emerged as a candidate for the Vezina Trophy after an awful October, but he sure does have trouble recording shutouts. Has there ever been a goalie who lost shutouts late in the third period more than Fleury? Poor guy. A note about Fleury: He has allowed more than three goals in a game only three times all season. That’s impressive.

Well, this game probably doesn’t deserve anymore talk. If you’re going to the Steelers game tomorrow, stay warm and enjoy. Rossi and I will talk with you again Tuesday when the Islanders visit town.

You stay classy, Pittsburgh. (Unless you’re dealing with a Jets fan, of course.)

– Yohe



  1. Shawn says:

    Jordan Staal has been a BEAST since he came back.

    He’s looks bigger and stronger. He’s playing much more physically…he was never really a big hitter until this year. It’s awesome hockey to watch.

    Having said that, I still don’t like him as a 2nd line center. I cannot even begin to imagine why you would break up Cooke, Staal, Kennedy.

    If they put Jordan on the number two line with Malkin…you are either no longer matching up Jordan’s line with the other team’s top line OR you are matching up Jordan’s line against the other team’s top line WITH Malkin on it…which sounds like both a defensive liability and a waste of Geno’s ice time.

    Also, Staal’s offense is produced in a “third line” manner. He’s not a rush player, not a tic-tac-toe passing type of player like a more traditional #2 center.

    It’s Staal on the third line creating terrible mismatches for other teams that makes this team GREAT.

    We need a winger for Geno to build 4 good lines.

    What about Alex Tanguay from CGY? I don’t know what his price would be…but he could be a nice addition to a line with Geno.

    You could play the Kunitz, Crosby, Dupuis line, then Tanguay, Malkin, Talbot, the great Cooke, Staal, Kennedy and then Rupp, Letestu, Adams.

    Whoever we bring in needs to have the speed to play our forechecking system…so guys like Cory Stillman, who would normally be nice rentals, but lack foot speed won’t work for us. Just like Poni last year.

  2. We’ll see how things go about with Richards. if burke throws large numbers of money at him and this man doesn’t sign which is quite the canary.

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