Crosby out for ASG, with Malkin very likely to miss.


A story will post soon on the site, but multiple sources confirmed early this morning that C SIDNEY CROSBY(concussion) will definately miss the NHL All-Star Game next Sunday at Carolina. Also, C EVGENI MALKIN is very unlikely to play.

Crosby has missed eight straight games with a concussion. His remaining symptoms include headache and neck soreness.

Malkin has missed the last two games because of a re-aggravated left knee injury. The knee has been a troublesome issue dating to October.

The Penguins are expected to make an official annoucement about Crosby’s All-Star status over the comign days. No final decision has been made about Malkin, though the team believes his chances of playing are slim.

There will be more details in the web story when it posts, but the bottom line: No Sid, and very likely no Geno for the ASG.