Alex Goligoski speaks on his way out of Pittsburgh.


Former Penguins D Alex Goligoski spoke to me Tuesday on his way the Pittsburgh airport. He had time to pack only two bags of clothes, and the most pressing thing on his mind was a snowstorm. “Not sure if I’m going to make my flight,” he said, sounding almost relieved to have his trade to Dallas completed. Our conversation:

RR: When did you first get wind of this trade being a possibility?

AG: Just this afternoon. I wasn’t really sure what was going on. I knew if the Pens were going to make a trade I was likely one of the guys. It’s just kind of with the way the team was set up in terms of strengths and needs.

RR: I texted you around 1 p.m. to let you know something was up. What were the hours like for you between then and the trade being completed?

AG: There was nothing to do, really. You just kind of sit around and wait.

RR: Your former GM, Ray Shero, said teams have been asking about you for months. There was speculation you were the Penguins’ most coveted available asset. How did that sit with you these past weeks?

AG: I wasn’t too uptight about it or thinking about it too much. It wasn’t that big of a burden on me. Now that (a trade) has happened it’s just kind of crazy. It’s going to be a good situation for me in Dallas, I hope.

RR: You knew the situation with the Penguins – four defensemen on long-term deals, you at shorter term. Did you enter this season expecting to finish it as a Penguin?

AG: I never looked at it like that. I know that I was a main trading chip, I guess you could say. It was just a matter of them getting an offer they liked. I liked it in Pittsburgh and (the fans) liked me here. I heard a few things. It was really… I guess they found the deal they wanted.

RR: Your role with the Stars, a surprise playoff contender, figures to be different than it was with the Penguins. You’re a veteran with a Cup going to a team that has very few of those players. Do you anticipate more responsibility with the Stars?

AG: I assume so. We’ll find out. I’m going to have to learn the system quick. I know how I can fit right in is by playing a big role in getting Dallas to the playoffs.

RR: How will you look back on your brief, but not unmemorable, Penguins career?

AG: It was great. Everything was great. The Cup, obviously, was the best. I played on some great teams here. The organization was great, right down the list. They were very good to me.

RR: So, this is what being a Packers fans gets a guy—shipped out of town to Dallas, where the Packers beat the Steelers in the Super Bowl?

AG: (Laughing) I knew it was going to come back to haunt me.