More from GM Ray Shero on Sidney Crosby.


Some highlights of my conversation late Sunday with Penguins GM Ray Shero about the status of C Sidney Crosby:

–On reoccurrence of concussion symptoms during Crosby’s offseason training:

“I’ve been in touch with Sid’s doctors… (and) Sid this weekend. He’s progressed well this summer. Had some symptoms at different points, depending on how hard he’s pushed himself at different points. Never had to be shut down this summer.”

–On reports that Crosby will not be ready for start of 2011-12 season:

“There’s never been a situation where he’s needed to be cleared to play.”

–On Crosby’s state of mind these days:

“I think he’s been good. Talking to him this weekend it seemed that way. Beside dealing with this injury he’s our captain, so whenever we’ve signed a player I’ve been in touch with him. That’s been a lot of it in term s of contact with Sid. I haven’t gone to him too much, ‘How you feeling?’”

“It’s been on an off at this point. He’s happy with his progress. We’re happy with his progress. Training camp is a month away. He’ll be evaluated before then.”

OK, so the latest story is here:

… and it explains the background of why Shero felt the need to address Crosby’s status. He wasn’t planning on addressing anything because the nature of this injury makes Crosby’s status completely unpredictable.

To predict anything about when Crosby will return for practice/games would be irresponsible. He’s recovering from a concussion. If recent examples of concussed players have informed of anything it’s that nobody gets rich making predictions about brain injuries, which is what a concussion is.

One thing I won’t do is discredit Josh Rimer’s reporting, though I’m hesitant to call his Twitter post a report. I believe 100 percent that he was told by three sources that Crosby won’t be ready for the opener. That doesn’t mean those sources are right or wrong, but in this business, three sources that a reporter deems credible is enough to go with information. I spoke with Josh about his post, and he stands by it, as would any journalist in his situation.

Some context: There is a small group of people inside the hockey community talking – not on the record, which to me makes their words far less credible, though certainly worth hearing – about Crosby not being as far along on his recovery as he would like to be at this point. All I can say is this: None of those people are from the so-called “Camp Crosby” to which I often refer when writing about his inner circle. Had I heard from “Camp Crosby” anything that was as strong as what Josh heard from his sources, I would have written it — and I will write it IF I hear that kind of information. I haven’t.

I’ll leave you with this from Shero when I asked him if, basically, anything has changed regarding Crosby’s recovery/status/whatnot:

“No,” Shero said.

“There are going to be some symptoms with this injury, but nothing where he’s had to shut it down or anything. The main thing with him, or any player, is that he’s not going to be pushed, prodded until he’s 100 percent ready. My concern isn’t with Sept. 16, Oct. 6 or whenever; it’s making sure he’s comfortable when he returns to play, end of story. I’m about the bigger picture with this thing.”