An off-day ‘update’ on Crosby, Malkin.


A quick off-day post for the dear readers:

= Fans can, unfortunately, expect a lot of rumors about C Sidney Crosby over the next few hours/days/weeks. (Actually, the rumors have already started.) Believe what you want, but here are the only confirmable facts:

 ♦ Crosby hasn’t missed a scheduled practice session dating to the start of training camp.

♦ He has said he is feeling better, the best he has in months, in fact.

♦ The Penguins are in town all of this week. Michael Collins, the clinical neuropsychologist who heads his concussion team, is located in Pittsburgh. Crosby’s first chance to physically meet with Collins since early last week is, technically, today. Collins will inform Penguins team physician Dr. Charles Burke if Crosby is cleared for contact. None of that information means that Crosby IS meeting with Collins today or that Collins WILL inform Burke that Crosby IS cleared for contact.

♦ When cleared for contact, Collins has said there will be levels of contact introduced, and that Crosby must successfully pass the requirements of those levels before he is cleared to play in games.

♦ Neither Crosby nor the Penguins are going to rush his clearance for contact. That statement has been made repeatedly by both Crosby and members of the Penguins.

At the risk of coming off condescending, I have no interest in confirming or denying every Tweeter, blogger, etc., who tosses out sourced information regarding Crosby – just as I would hope no Tweeter, blogger, etc., would feel the need to confirm/deny sourced information about Crosby from me or any other reporter.

The Penguins will hold a morning skate tomorrow before the home opener against Florida. Crosby is scheduled to participate. There is no indication he won’t, and perhaps he will have any update on his status then. Perhaps not, too.

Not to beat a rented mule here, but the next round of Crosby news will develop when it develops, and the guess here is Crosby will be breaking it in some way, shape or form. At this point, that is how it should be.

I’d preach patience on this subject, but that seems futile at this point.

= As for C Evgeni Malkin, who did not play Sunday at Edmonton because of lower body soreness: I continue to hear that the soreness is not serious, and there are no indications that the soreness is located in his right knee that was surgically repaired last season and afterward painstakingly rehabilitated. I’m told Malkin likely will take the skate tomorrow with the intention of playing, but that if the soreness remains those plans could change.

Again, I’m sure there will be a lot of speculation. Believe, as always, what you want.