#TribHKY NHL Power Rankings (foolish preseason edition).


A great day for hockey will be when we realize that the NHL plays a regular season to determine its top teams and stages a tournament to declare a champion. In other words, power rankings are not necessary. That said, since everybody else is doing one, why shouldn’t the Trib get in on this power poll game?

The preseason #TribHKY Rankings, submitted for your disapproval:

1 – Kings

To the champs goes the top spot. For now.

2 – Blues

Built for the regular-season, whether the season, be it a marathon or a sprint.

3 – Canucks

Built to win the Cup, and it’s about time for this group, right?

4 – Bruins

Big, bad and built for 7 games of brutality; but what about the backup goalie?

5 – Rangers

The time for Henrik Lundqvist and Rick Nash to deliver is upon us.

6 – Blackhawks

Jonathan Toews and the Hart Trophy seem like they should try dating.

7 – Flyers

Really, they are too high for this spot, but… (see No. 8).

8 – Penguins

Motivation + skill = ???

9 – Red Wings

This is the year when they finally – uh, nope.

10 – Coyotes

Gut feeling: Last spring was no fluke.

11 – Hurricanes

Gut feeling: This spring will be wild in The Triangle.

12 – Capitals

Adam Oates knows how to work with goal scorers. Keep that in mind.

13 – Stars

Don’t discount what Jaromir Jagr and Ray Whitney might pull off over 48 games.

14 – Ducks

Either a legit contender, or destined to shape the race by trading Bobby Ryan at the deadline.

15 – Panthers

Don’t laugh. The Southeast is better than anybody thinks.

16 – Lightning


17 – Sharks

Well, at least they aren’t starting the year overhyped, eh?

18 – Sabres

In Ryan Miller we trust. But do we, really?

19 – Senators

Seems so long ago, and it wasn’t, that they were up, 3-2, on the Rangers.

20 – Predators

The ranking this blog author will most surely regret?

21 – Wild

Far more exciting than Zach Parise and Ryan Suter is that fast-approaching group of prospects.

22 – Islanders

If only they were in another division.

23 – Avalanche

May be ranked a lot higher in a month.

24 – Oilers

Admittedly would be cool to see them get the No. 1 pick again.

25 – Maple Leafs

Hot mess.

26 – Devils

Hotter mess.

27 – Jets

It’s never hot in Winnipeg. Ever.

28 – Flames

Jarome Iginla to the [INSERT TEAM HERE].

29 – Canadiens

If only they could acquire more buyout options.

30 – Blue Jackets

John Davidson will get this right. Just not right now.