#TribHKY links: Sid’s plan, Iggy on Trib Radio, Flower’s new bloom, and Rd 1/Cup picks


Well, dear readers, the NHL Awards ballot has been cast. Finally, and phew! This was easily the most challenging vote of my tenure as part of the Penguins beat. As always, I will wait until all the finalists are announced to release my ballot – so you have a few days to wait to make fun of me.

= Don’t make fun of Josh Yohe, who has a newsy notebook that starts with a bang. Sidney Crosby is suggesting that he’ll play in Game 1 IF he gets clearance from doctors:


= Columnist Dejan Kovacevic has a program on Trib Radio every Tuesday, and Jarome Iginla will be his guest this week. Check out The Dejan Kovacevic Show here:


= And, finally, a piece I really enjoyed putting together on Marc-Andre Fleury – a new dad with some new perspective heading into a possible Redemption Song playoff with the Penguins:


That is all for this early AM post.

Check the web site for all news from what could be a newsy day on Tuesday.

Oh, by the way, since the playoffs are set to begin…

First-round predictions:

East: Penguins in 5; Senators in 6; Capitals in 7; Maple Leafs in 6.

West: Blackhawks in 4; Red Wings in 7; Canucks in 7; Blues in 6.

And, while I’m at it:

Stanley Cup Final: Penguins over Canucks in 6

Conn Smythe: Kris Letang, Penguins