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BOSTON — It is over.

The Penguins will not win the Stanley Cup.

They barely scored a goal in the Eastern Conference final, which they lost, 4-0, after a 1-0 loss in Game 4 on Friday.

The Last Chapter:

Here is what players had to say after this shocking series defeat:



“It didn’t feel good. But it was OK. Knocked the wind out of me. It was way out of the play. I think it’s a penalty. It may have been so far from the play that they didn’t see it.”

“I didn’t have any problems.”

“I think for whatever reason we just weren’t able to capitalize tonight. We had open nets. They blocked shots. Tanger had one hop over his stick. There was never a time when we felt like we couldn’t score or that we were being dominated. Other than the second game we felt like we were getting chances consistently. They capitalized and we didn’t.”

“If you look back, the chances were there. You try to fight, try to get rebounds. Sometimes they come to you, sometimes they don’t. We scored two goals all series and I didn’t score any points. It doesn’t sit very well.”

“They’re solid. They make you earn your chances. I don’t feel like they totally shut us down. We had some chances. Rask made some big saves. But they’re consistent. They don’t give you chances. You have to earn them.”

“That was the expectation. To come up this short does not sit well with anyone. Three of the four games, I felt like we probably could have come out with wins. We just missed those big moments. We needed to come up with big plays and we didn’t.”



 “Maybe we should have scored some power play goals.”

“Definitely not. Not with the efficiency that we had been scoring with. We knew he was a good goalie, but to get two goals in the entire series is something we never could have imagined.”

“The key to the last two series was being able to score big power play goals.”

“They just have good structure. They’re willing to battle. They are so good defensively.”



“We considered ourselves a team capable of winning the Stanley Cup. That was our expectation from day one. That’s how we build through the season. We certainly feel that we were a team that was capable of winning the Stanley Cup. So, coming up short, there’s no question it’s disappointing. No question we feel like with the expectations that we had on ourselves, there’s no question we’re going to look at this as a missed opportunity.”

“I don’t think there’s a player in there that is going to feel like they didn’t struggle at a certainly part of his game in this series.”

“We didn’t get the goals we needed. You can say that about Jarome (Iginla). You can say that about a lot of guys on our team.”

“Tomas, I thought, was two goals short of brilliant. Two goals short of Tuukka Rask in these two games. He was great. Not as many saves as Rask in Game 3, but he was equally up to the task and he was again tonight. He was outstanding.”



“It was just Game 2. I think that will be tough to get over. Maybe you don’t win the game, but if you had a better effort maybe you do win it. The fact that we didn’t play better in Game 2 is the toughest part of the series to digest.”

“The last two games I don’t think we could have battled any harder than we did. We just couldn’t get anything by Rask. You saw it last year with L.A. They squeeze in on last day, ride a hot goaltender. Sometimes that happens.”

“For me, personally, the way Game 2 unfolded is probably the toughest part to stomach.”

“It’s tough being on this team because it’s Stanley Cup or a fail. Guys on this team welcome that opportunity. They wouldn’t want it any other way. You win two series and lose to a team that maybe will win the Stanley Cup… I know we’ve got a lot of talent. It’s tough to do every year. You see that now. I think the guys in here – we realize the pressure on this team, the expectations. I wouldn’t want it any other way. It’s fun.”



“Bounces, goalie – wasn’t a lack of chances. Point-blank chances where their goalie came up big. You see that right at end of the game, tops it off with a glove save.”

“Series would have been different. If we’d played the first two games at home like we played the last two games it would have been a different series. It’s tough.”



“The conference finals, it’s a great opportunity. You want those. It stinks being out now, watching the Bruins move on. They played great hockey.”

“Not being able to contribute and be good in this series. I wasn’t very good in this series. These close games you want to find a way to contribute on that extra goal and stuff. Everybody in here feels that way. It (stinks) not moving on. We had a good team with a good shot.”

“I thought (Malkin and Crosby) played very well. They power play moved around and they had great chances. You tip your hat to Rask. There was great goaltending on both teams in this series, close games. I’ll be you it goes on and they get more games and (Malkin and Crosby) get three and four points. Unfortunately as a team we went cold at the wrong time, and four quick games and you’re out. Sid gives great leadership. That got us to this point. You come in here and you want to have a chance. It’s a great opportunity. There was only four teams left. It (stinks) that we’re out and stuff. Definitely stinks.”



“It’s tough to think right now, but it’s … we (lost) this series at home. We lost two games at home. Big mistake. Last two games we played very well. I’m glad how team played last two games. It’s tough in there. The goalie played very well.”

“I tried. I tried. If you’re not (shooting), you’re not scoring goals. Sometimes I’m not scoring and I’m nervous and I have good chances – I don’t know, try shoot quicker? Sometimes I can wait and get an empty net. It’s tough. I’m (confident). You know, zero goals.”

“I’m doing my job. I try. I do what I can. Sometimes better, sometimes not. We play conference final. It’s good year, but we lose 4-0 – it’s very bad. We scored two goals in four games. It’s not enough. It’s my mistakes. We scored zero goals. It’s not good for me.”

“My job is not to look at how to play goal. My job is to score goals. If you shot that many times and zero goals it’s not very good. We have lots of chances. Sometimes bad luck. It’s tough to say right now.”



 “Obviously it’s a shock. I don’t think words can describe it. You go through the season with a team like we had, it’s very disappointing. I really don’t know what to say. It’s a tough moment. Unfortunately that’s sport, only one team can win. It’s not going to be us”

“It’s too early. Obviously the easy was is to say we didn’t score enough, but I think we have to give it a little bit more time. You lose four nothing, it’s tough. Except one game all the games were close, but we just weren’t able to make it count when we needed it.”

“When you lose four nothing I don’t think it’s about turning points. If it was 4-2 or something, then… my head is still in the game and it’s really hard to judge everything that happened in the last two weeks. It’s really disappointing. We had a great team, we just didn’t get it done.”

“For me, obviously, I think for all the guys here. You look at the personnel we have and what the ownership did at the deadline and all that… we just didn’t get it done. I don’t think we can be satisfied with losing in the conference finals.”


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