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Yohe: Crosby offers prediction on Thornton suspension


Boston’s Shawn Thornton will receive his punishment when meeting with the NHL on Friday. Until then, we can speculate how many games he’ll receive.
Most people seem to think Thornton will receive around 10 games. Others think he should receive more, so that the NHL could make something of an example out of what clearly was a premeditated, deliberate, violent attack. But still, no one really knows what Shanny and Co. are thinking and whether the reality that Thornton has never been suspended – and is a well liked guy around the league – will make an impact in the ruling.
Sidney Crosby was asked for a prediction regarding what the league will do with Thornton. Here’s what he had to say: “I have no idea. It’s hard to guess. Nealer (James Neal) got five. If I had to guess a number, I’d say 10. Right around there. Maybe even more. I’m sure they have a lot of different criteria to look at when they’re giving guys suspensions. I’m sure it’s going to be up there. It’s going to be steep.”
Thornton, as everyone knows by now, attacked Brooks Orpik on Saturday in Boston after Orpik refused to fight him following a hit that knocked Lou Eriksson out of the game.
Speaking of the incident, Crosby offered some advice to his teammate.
Crosby once dealt with a number of infamous concussion problems.
He’s spoken with Orpik about his current ordeal.
“Just listen to your body,” Crosby said when asked about advice he has for Orpik.
“It seems like he’s doing pretty well these past few days I’ve seen him. But I think unless you’re dealing with it, you never really know how someone is. You just have to make sure that you take care of yourself and listen to your body. When he’s ready and symptom-free, he’ll know.”



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