Rossi: Chicago weather and trade winds.


CHICAGO – Oh yeah, and a storm is threatening…

A quick hit from this Windy City, with another to follow later Friday after the Penguins practice at Solider Field in advance of their outdoor game against the Blackhawks on Saturday night.

It promises to be quite cold in Chicago this weekend, so the 15,000 or so who are traveling for this game should bring layers. WPXI Sever Weather is calling for the zero degrees-feeling temperatures (wind chill); but snow – and it’s coming – will just miss the event.

That said, if you are going home Sunday – leave early, or make plans to stay in Chicago; because it sounds as though the drive back will be quite unpleasant and perhaps extremely dangerous.

A look at the weather:

= The trade deadline is 3 p.m. on Wednesday, and there are already a lot of my colleagues talking about who the Penguins are targeting.

Unlike last year, when it was clear what the Penguins wanted to and could do, this trade-deadline season look a bit cloudy so many days out.

A bit of information that could signal what the Penguins are thinking short- and long-term, though: They inquired with Vancouver about center Ryan Kesler before the Olympics.

Read into that what you want. Just passing along the information.


= The details of Kris Letang’s stroke experience are harrowing, as Josh Yohe reports:

= Also from Yohe, who wrote the entire Trib print section Thursday, this gem about Blackhawks’ second-season stud Brandon Saad:

= From the game (a sloppy loss) to the latest on Pascal Dupuis (injured, but vowing to lead), there was a lot to cover from Pittsburgh on Thursday. Read all of Yohe’s hard work at our Penguins page on the site:

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