Rossi: Letang says weight returning.


Kris Letang has resumed skating, as the Trib’s Chris Adamaski noted in a notebook today:

The crucial thing to keep in mind  regarding Letang is there remains no time frame for his return. Also, because this cannot be stressed enough, the information on this end is that the Penguins are not expecting him to play again until next season.

That all being said…

Letang was in good spirits on Tuesday night while conversing with teammates after the Penguins’ win over Washington. He said he has put on some weight in the past couple of weeks – a good sign given the muscle mass he had dropped during a month of nothing but rest after his stroke.

To these eyes, Letang looked a little off-color; but these eyes are not those of a doctor, and they have not seen too many people on blood thinners who have not looked a bit off-color.

Letang is due to be re-evaluated by team physicians sometime near the end of next week, based off the six-week period offered by the Penguins when announcing his stroke on Feb. 7. That will be an important next step, but the exact cause of his stroke and whether he will require surgery, let alone if he can come off the blood thinners, remains to be determined.

Anyway, it remains good to simply see Letang doing some normal stuff – chatting with Marc-Andre Fleury, breaking down in-game sequences, skating – given everything he has gone through.


>> The Penguins just wrapped a stretch of traveling to seven cities – twice to Pittsburgh – and traveling over 7,000 miles in 11 days. They went 4-2-0 on that stretch and will play 11 of their final 17 games at home.

This season, the Penguins have taken 50 of a possible 60 home points. If that success continues, the Penguins will finish with at least 110 points overall because of their home-heavy finish.


>> By the way, with 391 man-games lost, the Penguins have increased their NHL-lead in that category to 105.

Two years ago, the last time the NHL staged a full season, the difference between the first and second teams in terms of man-games lost was 30 (Montreal 439, Columbus 409).


>> Brooks Orpik had himself an impressive 48 hours, as Josh Yohe reports:


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