Rossi: Crosby and the Century Club.


Sidney Crosby wants all the trophies.

That is the theme behind our latest info-heavy production at the Trib. In Thursday’s print edition there is a page entirely dedicated to captain Sidney Crosby’s return to the Century Club. His fifth 100-point season is second in franchise history to Mario Lemieux’s 10.

The shake-your-head part: Were it not for an ankle injury (2008), the concussion saga (2011-12) and the broken jaw from last season, Crosby might have just hit 100 points for the eighth time – certainly the seventh.

A big stick tap to Trib designer Melanie Wass for her last-minute work on this page. She’s just super, and always has been a big part of the hockey coverage – making us look better than we read, so to speak.

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