Rossi: Does Bylsma change anything for Game 2?


A happy Good Friday to the dear readers, one upon which the Penguins will return to practice in advance of Game 2 against Columbus. With two days between the opening contests, it will be interesting to see what – if any – changes the Penguins plan after a 4-3 victory in Game 1.

To get you ready before our afternoon updates, here are some links to the coverage led by Josh Yohe from Thursday’s off-day.


>> They know each other well, these two head coaches:


>> Once a reason for success, the Penguins’ penalty kill is now often a reason for struggles. A “Playoff Insider” by Yohe:


>> Chris Adamski looks at speed, why it really does kill, and how it makes Brian Gibbons a factor:


Also, paired with that piece in print, this Melanie Wass’ designed graphic on some stats from Game 1:



>> From Columbus, contributor Craig Merz on the potential return for the Blue Jackets by Plum’s R. J. Umberger:



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