Rossi: Pens look willing to give it away now


Sidney Crosby has been credited with six giveaways in Round 1 of the Stanley Cup playoffs. The Columbus Blue Jackets have five.

Think about that.

A lot is being made about the hit difference between these teams. Columbus has 99 hits to the Penguins’ 55.

Full disclosure: NHL real-time stats such as hits and blocks and giveaways – well, let’s just go with there being no consistency. What constitutes a hit in Pittsburgh is not necessarily the same definition of one in Columbus, Philadelphia or Montreal.

Still, the number that will generate a lot of talk between Easter Sunday and Game 3 is the Blue Jacket’s plus-44 advantage in hits.

Clearly, they have prioritized physicality.

Clearly, too, it is working in one way. The Penguins are turning over the puck way too often.

They have seemingly had more turnovers than the 23 giveaways for which they are credited. Crosby surely has more than the six on his ledger.

Still, whatever measured a giveaway in Games 1 and 2, Columbus ended up with 17 fewer than the Penguins.

Maybe the Blue Jackets cannot win this series, though that seems unfair to suggest given how they conceivably could have a 2-0 lead.

However, the Penguins surely can give it to them – and so far, they have tried.



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