This wasn't a penalty. (Chaz Palla / Tribune-Review)

This wasn’t a penalty. (Chaz Palla / Tribune-Review)

We’re going to take a little different approach with the blog here in the postseason. The postgame analysis that would normally appear in this space is going into a feature called Chipped Ice AM that’s going to appear on every morning at 8 throughout the playoff run.

In the morning, for instance, I’ll be writing about the job the Penguins defense corps did without Kris Letang tonight, plus tacking on a few more notes.

This space, meanwhile, will be our spot for postgame quotebooks and pregame lineups.

So let’s get to the first postgame quotebook.

On taking a 1-0 lead in the series:
“It’s big getting the first one, getting off to that good start, but it’s only one game. It’s a long series. We’ll regroup here, enjoy it for a little bit, but we’ve got a lot of work to do.”

On the change from Murray to Fleury in net:
“There was no adjustment. Flower’s been there all year for us. We knew he’d come in and do a great job. He made huge saves for us, especially in the first period.”

On being outshot 16-3 in the first:
“I think we maybe just got some nerves, some butterflies out. That first period, we were all ready to go, maybe a little too excited. That’s what happens. We regrouped and played a good second and third.”

On Fleury’s performance:
“You have a world class goalie that’s been there, done that. You couldn’t be happier for a better guy in that situation. Dude … there’s a reason why you call him dude. He’s the coolest dude around. We’re happy he got this opportunity. He got the opportunity and ran with it.”

On the first period:
“Marc was unbelievable the first period. They took it to us and carried all the play in the first period. We found ourselves on our heels, trying to help Marc out a little bit. We didn’t help out very much.”


On rolling with the goalie change:
“We do have a lot of experience. To have a guy like Flower go in there, who has a lot of confidence, it just kind of brings the confidence out in the whole team.”

On getting goals from himself, Bonino and Kessel:
“I think it shows that it doesn’t really matter the night, anybody can score goals on this team. We’re just trying to get all four lines going and all six D.”

His approach to playing with Malkin and Kessel:
“Try and skate hard, get to the open ice and those guys are going to find me.”

On the mood pregame after the goalie drama:
“Room was good. We’ve got great leaders in here. Guys have been through everything. When you go through a long run like we did, when you’ve been in the league as long as some of these guys, you see everything. A goalie maybe tweaking it in warm-ups is nothing guys haven’t seen.”

On last year’s playoff guys scoring tonight’s goals:
“Any goal scoring comes from confidence. When you’ve had success before at any level in the playoffs, that helps. Just some good bounces tonight. We got to the net. Phil obviously is a shooter, made some good plays, some good passes. Rusty made a good shot there.”


On the Penguins:
“They’ve got a good transition game, a lot of skill over there. A good power play. I took that penalty first of all and then Dave took one. You’ve got to stay out of the box against these guys. I think that’;s going to be a key factor. We’ll fix the holes in our PK and move on.”

On the goalie situation:
“Definitely not what we expected, but that’s why you have a back-up goalie in this league. He played a good game. But more bodies to the net, pucks to the net, make it a lot harder on him.”

On CBJ’s downfall tonight:
“A big thing was dealing with momentum. They got that one, then the power-play goal, and then we deflated a little bit. We have to learn how to put it behind us and move on to the next shift.”

On bouncing back:
“We got 50 wins this year. We know how to win hockey games. We’ll go back to the drawing board. That’s why you’ve got a day between games in playoffs. We’ll be set for Game 2 and come out with that same energy that we did in the first tonight.”