(Chaz Palla / Tribune-Review)

(Chaz Palla / Tribune-Review)

Comments after a 4-1 Penguins victory over Columbus in Game 2

On having more time to get ready for this start:
“I just felt a little more relaxed. I don’t know if it was because it was my second game. I felt better. I felt comfortable.”

On being up 2-0 in the series:
“It’s good. It’s obviously where we want to be. It’s good to be home, have the support from the crowd, getting them chanting and cheering for us. But we’re only halfway.”

On team defense:
“My defense’s been great for me, trying to help me out seeing the puck and getting rebounds away. Matt Cullen saved one that was close to the goal line. They make big blocks, too. It’s key.”

On the first period:
“We did some good things. I think both teams, our start was a little slower than we like, but they come hard. They finish hits. They create turnovers. We’ve got to make sure we’re sharp early on.”

On having a better game than Game 1:
“It just comes down to execution. If you execute, you make that little pass, that 10-foot pass, or you’re able to beat that guy and then there’s a chance to be had. I thought we did a better job of doing that. We created some turnovers too. Sometimes, if the game’s not dictating lot, you’ve got to create your own chances and I thought we did a better job of that tonight.”

On blocking shots:
“It’s the postseason, so there is a sense of desperation in everything that we do. When you see the goalie down and out, when you know there’s a play on the wall that needs to be made, whatever the play may be, you want to do what’s best for the team, no matter what’s the cost. That’s the mentality that we’ve had going into it and I think it’s been great.”

On being up 2-0:
“They’re a great hockey team and they battle hard. We know it’s going to be a challenge going back to Columbus. We’re going to look at the tape for this game, break it down and see what we can improve on. See if we can maybe better our starts because they tend to get a lot of shots in the first period. We’d like to limit those.”

On a slow start for his line in Game 1:
“I think Game 1, there was a lot of strong defensive plays by them and by us. I think it was just not a high-opportunity game. Tonight I think we used our speed a little bit more and made plays off the rush and in zone and it worked out for us.”

On Fleury:
“It’s hard to believe that he was backing up someone else. He’s such a great goalie. He’d be a No. 1 anywhere. We have two No. 1 goalies and that’s the beauty of what we have in this room. Flower’s been unbelievable for us.”

On the first Penguins goal:
“I just saw his back was turned to me. I tried to close the gap as fast as I could and make him make a decision, make a play, maybe a rim and someone else would pick it up. I didn’t think he’d hold it that long, but when he did, I saw an opportunity to create a turnover and I just made the play.”

On responding to first Penguins goal:
“When they scored the goal, we didn’t stop playing. I thought we played better after they scored the goal. We talk about momentum swings. As the series goes deeper and deeper, those momentum swings are really important. I thought we handled ourselves really well after they score a goal like that. They just kept on playing. I don’t have one bitch about the team. Not one. I’m anxious to get our suits on again and get at it in our building.”

On quality of shots:
“I felt much more comfortable as far as what we were doing around the net. Hopefully we’ll just keep on banging away, maybe get some puck luck and see if we can get some goals scored, but we played the way we want to play.”

On the first Penguins goal:
“I don’t like to talk about goals. It is what it is. There was my mistake and that’s it.”

On being down 0-2:
“The next game is the most important for us and we will be ready.”