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ACC officially accepts Pitt and Syracuse as members


The Atlantic Coast Conference announced today that it has unanimously voted to accept founding Big East members Pitt and Syracuse.

“The ACC is a strong, united conference that is only going to get better with the addition of the University of Pittsburgh and Syracuse University,” said Duke University President Richard Broadhead, chair of the ACC Council of Presidents.  “Both schools are committed to competing at the highest level of academics and athletics.  We welcome them as full partners in the ACC.”

Said ACC Commissioner John Swofford: “The ACC has enjoyed a rich tradition by balancing academics and athletics and the addition of Pitt and Syracuse further strengthens the ACC culture in this regard. Pittsburgh and Syracuse also serve to enhance the ACC’s reach into the states of New York and Pennsylvania and geographically bridges our footprint between Maryland and Massachusetts. With the addition of Pitt and Syracuse, the ACC will cover virtually the entire Eastern Seaboard of the United States.”

“In looking to our own future, we could not envision a better conference home for Pitt and are grateful to the Council of Presidents for extending an invitation to join the ACC community,” Pitt Chancellor Mark A. Nordenberg said.

Nancy Cantor, president and chancellor of Syracuse, said the move will help her school’s ability to recruit in the southeast.

“This move will bolster our continued efforts to look outward, engage, and extend Syracuse’s reach to key areas of the country, including the southeast, as we grow and expand our national connections to alumni, partners and the students of the future.”

She also added that the move gives th ACC stability in a rapidly shifting national landscape.” 

“Joining the ACC and the outstanding institutions in this conference will give every Pitt student-athlete the chance to achieve their highest aspirations.”

The ACC will  hold a media teleconference at 9:30 a.m today.



  1. Since the Big East is dying with its founder: Dave Gavitt, let us now let go, move on, and hope for the best.

  2. SC-Nittany says:

    I think it is ironic that Pitt and Syracuse will kill the Big East with this move when they are the two schools that killed Major eastern college football by blocking Penn States early eighties eastern all-sports conference proposal to

  3. SC-Nittany says:

    cont. … save the their basketball conference. How short sited. how does Pitt, Penn State, WVU Syracuse, Rutgers, BC, UConn sound for for starters?

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