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Pitt’s Graham points finger of blame at himself and his staff


Maybe he was feeling guilty.

Maybe he just wanted to clarify where and how things flow at Pitt.

Whatever his motivation, Pitt coach Todd Graham repeated something today he has said in the past, but this time wanted to emphasize. After weeks of criticizing his players at several positions on both sides of the ball, Graham pointed the finger of blame toward himself and his coaching staff.

“Everything we do, I am accountable for, period,” Graham said. “When I say, `we aren’t getting the ball off on time,’ I’m not talking about Tino Sunseri. I’m not talking about Trey Anderson.

“I am talking about we. I am talking about (quarterbacks coach) Todd Dodge. I am talking about Todd Graham. It is our responsibility to coach and teach them.

“I believe in these kids.”

And he added, “I can’t emphasize enough, Tino is our quarterback.”

He also reached out to Pitt’s fan base, reassuring them that improvement isn’t far off.

“Let me tell you something. We are getting there and we are going to get there. The one who is responsible for that is me. That’s how it works.”

Last week, Graham was critical of the linebackers in their underneath coverage and Monday, he tried to prod wide receiver Devin Street by mentioning that he doesn’t run crisp routes.

And, of course, Graham first started to criticize quarterback Tino Sunseri two weeks ago after the Maine game.

Personally, I have no problem with Graham speaking his mind publicly, and I’m betting most of his players don’t mind, either. They’re big boys (men, actually) and they can take it. It’s better than trying to pretend there is no problem. He is not saying anything to the media that he is not saying to his team.

Vinegar might have a bitter taste, but it works better than sugar.



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