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Pitt’s numbers are strong for stricter NCAA academics


A story in USA Today noted that, beginning next year, the NCAA could be imposing stricter academic requirements that could keep teams from playing in March Madness — including eventual champion Connecticut in the 2011 event — but Pitt looks to be in good shape.

The NCAA is proposing a minimum Academic Progress Rate (APR) requirement of 900, which would be needed for entry into the 2012 NCAA men’s basketball tournament. It could be raised to 930 in the next two years.

Either way, Pitt appears to be safe, thanks to strong academic numbers. 

The APR, which measures academic eligibility, graduation and retention, has risen steadily for the Pitt men’s basketball program. The Panthers had an APR of 985 in 2009-10, which ranked among the highest of any of the school’s 17 varsity sports. Previously, the Pitt men’s basketball program had an APR of 962, 965 and 935 dating to 2006-07.

The article noted Connecticut, with an APR of 893 for 2009-10, would have missed the cutoff of 900 and been ineligible for the 2011 NCAA Tournament.



  1. I’d prefer more college athletes who have brains and scholastic aptitude as well as brawn and athletic prowess, since these colleges were established to train scholars, not to become football factories and minor leagues for sports teams.

  2. richard sotak says:

    Congatulaions to Jamie Dixon for proving that the Pitt basketball players can be both scholars and athletes. I would like to see ESPN publish the APR numbers for all major universities in both basketbal and football. The results of top 20 teams in both sports would be very interesting…

  3. Joe D says:

    That is problematic… especially for schools that recruit 1 and Done players. Pitt basketball meets it because they also RS a lot… so if you graduate in 5 years, that helps APR. Also, they don’t recruit any 1 and done players.

    I can see teams like Kentucky, etc screaming about this rule… if they are going to have mandatory APR to participate in tournaments… then they should also increase the age for eligibilty to go Pro in all sports across the board.

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