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Injured bodies pile up for Pitt


Injured bodies kept staggering to the Pitt sideline so often Wednesday night during the 35-20 victory against Connecticut that coach Todd Graham stopped counting them.
Of course, the most important injury occurred to running back Ray Graham’s knee. Todd Graham clearly didn’t want to talk about it after game.
He did say that Ray Graham, who watched most of the game while leaning on crutches on the sideline, was in good spirits. Pitt medical personnel will resume examining the knee Thursday, and more information may be available in a day or two. But Pitt is going nowhere if the news about Graham is bad.
Pitt played its fourth game in a row (minus two plays against South Florida) without senior offensive lineman Lucas Nix, who has a lingering knee injury. Guard Matt Rotheram suffered a serious ankle injury during the game. Wide receiver Cam Saddler hurt his shoulder, but he tweeted that he was OK.
Of course, safety Jason Hendricks (shoulder) and senior guard Chris Jacobson (knee) are lost for the rest of the season.
Also, center Ryan Turnley played through a painful foot injury, prompting Todd Graham to gush with pride more than he did about almost anything else that happened Wednesday.
“Ryan Turnley was unbelievable while playing through what he was playing through,” Graham said. “The courage he showed tonight was phenomenal. I can’t say enough about him. He’s a tremendous warrior. I am really proud of him.”
The victory was nice and it kept alive Pitt’s Big East title hopes.
But there are four games left, and winning all four probably is necessary to win the conference championship.
It’s not happening if Ray Graham’s injury is serious.



  1. And now, let’s all see how far Pitt’s walking wounded can go for the rest of this season, which we naturally hope won’t be as long as everyone now fears it will be.

  2. And now that Pitt has lost its star player to injury, is only 4-4 and not likely go beyond 6-6 and an inconsequential bowl at best, and then, the new Coach keeps yelling at the quarterback and can’t face the fact that what may have worked at Tulsa doesn’t necessarily work at Pitt, and Pitt too often plays poorly, win or lose, well, why should the student body turn out in force to watch this nonsense? And besides that, although Tino had the game of his career so far and Pitt did beat Connecticuit last night, well,. the Panthers in fact beat nobody before perhaps the smallest crowd in Heinz Field history, and now, everyone will be looking more towards the future, which, hopefully, will be better, when, maybe, with Pitt in a new conference and the quality of recruits better, there’ll be much more to cheer about.

  3. Anthony DeAngelo says:

    Another lost season of Pitt football. I’m not on the Graham-bandwagon and won’t be until he actually does something. Right now he is any number of bad Pitt coaches fans have endured through the years. No excuses for this team. Pederson is lucky he moved the university to the ACC because, despite his buddy relationship with Nordenberg and his over paid salary, he is clearly the architect of this debacle.

  4. Jack Frost says:

    Listening to these idiotic comments makes me laugh.
    Some of you guys must have never played a sport…if a coach isn’t yelling at you, you must not be playing…. who cares if a coach yells! Ever watch StatePenn play??? or Notreus Domeus??? get a clue

    Once Graham gets a quarterback who can handle what he is asking, the results will be much better.

    The only hope for this year is that Sunseri can throw for 400+ the rest of the way out..
    maybe he will, we’ll see

    hopefully we play more like Wednesday than the 2 games prior

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