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Pitt drops out of both polls


Pitt has dropped out of the Associated Press Top 25 and the USA Today/ESPN Coaches’ poll, released this afternoon. It is the first time Pitt (11-4, 0-2 Big East) isn’t ranked since Dec. 28, 2009, a span of 40 consecutive polls. Pitt, ranked No. 22 in last week’s poll, has lost three in a row, including to Notre Dame and Cincinnati. Pitt received eight votes in the AP poll and six votes in the coaches’ poll.



  1. Ron burrow says:

    Jamie dixon dropped the ball letting khem birch go and on that note pitt needs to cut dixon loose and pursue sean miller. How do you lose a high profile player like that because he’s too damned stubborn to play freshman and birch was deserving to be a starter the day he put on that pitt jersey. freshman not playing early is the reason pitt will never be a contender when march rolls around. Not only has he lost a 5 star he lost this current pitt team.

  2. Jesse says:

    Come on Ron…the AD or Chancellor terminate way that will happen, Heck they allowed Dixon to have input in hiring their saviour for the football program. If it were not for Dixon the past several years, Pitt athletics would be a flat ZERO. However, you make good points regarding the handling of the freshman. 5 star or 1 star, if the freshman kicks butt in practice and out work the upperclassmen, reward the player, that is what win championships. I agree, there is a disconnect with Dixon and his team. I will also say there is definetly a disconnect within the entire athletic program. There is only one person to blame. The athletic director. The athletic program is sinking fast. A change must happen soon. That change will not happen soon enough because the AD and Chancellor has too much to hide from the public, donors..etc..I wouldn’t worry too much about Dixon staying a Pitt, a smart coach knows when he has destroyed his recruiting touch. Once that happens, before he allows his stock to sink along with the current AD and athletic program, he will do what all coaches do, which is turn their back on their current players and get the heck out…i.e…Todd Graham. with that being said, the freshman was well within his rights and should have got the heck out before his stock diminished. Make no mistake about it, collegiate sports is a buisness and every player should conduct themselves as if they have an agent. I am sure Dixon’s agent is telling him, our time at Pitt maybe coming to an end.

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