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Upper St. Clair’s Conwell remains committed to Pitt, but will visit Arizona


Coach Paul Chryst reached out to some of Todd Graham’s recruits nearly two weeks ago when he was hired at Pitt. One of those was Upper St. Clair linebacker Dakota Conwell, who still plans to research other opportunities.
Conwell remains committed to Pitt, but he also has planned a visit to Arizona’s campus for Jan. 13. Conwell scheduled the trip soon after Graham left Pitt.
“I didn’t know who the (Pitt) coach was going to be,” Conwell told Trib high school sports reporter Chris Harlan, “and I knew a few of the coaches on (the Arizona) staff. I want to see what they’re all about, so I can see all of my options.”
Former Pitt assistants Tony Gibson, Calvin Magee and Tony Dews left in mid-December to join Arizona’s staff under Rich Rodriguez. Gibson began recruiting Conwell to Arizona once Graham left Pitt for Arizona State.
Conwell spoke last week with Chryst, and they will talk again in Pittsburgh. Chryst, who concluded his offensive coordinator duties at Wisconsin on Monday night in the Rose Bowl, will join the Panthers in Birmingham, Ala., this week for the BBVA Compass Bowl.
“He seemed like a nice guy,” Conwell said. “We had a brief conversation. It seemed like he was a good coach, but I’m going to have to sit down and talk to him, learn more about him and the system he’s going to run.”
Conwell verbally committed to Pitt in July, in part because he liked Graham’s defense.
“The position they were going to have me play was perfect,” Conwell said. “I was kind of upset how the whole thing went down. It’s over with now and it’s time to move on.”



  1. Condo says:

    Any kid who hangs his scholarship with one school while he window shops disgusts me Either Committ of don’t. These kids have not been taught values by Mom and Dad. Anything goes then just spin it the way you want. Bull Crap.

  2. Ron burrow says:

    Its a shame that kids are so gullable as to follow coaches instead of choosing a school because of the school. Pitt is a school with a rich tradition. The good high school football players leave this state to go elsewhere but cry about pitt isnt a good program.
    Pitt was great when all the great kids of pa attended pitt! Just hearing that d.conwell will visit arizona sickens me to no end he’s following the same con men.

  3. Jesse says:

    Conwell, do what is best for you. This is a buisness. And you must approach this process as if you are negotiating a contract to get a great education and a chance to realize your dream. Although you cannot have an agent now, but you must conduct yourself like an agent during this process and throughout your college career. You became a commodity while you were in high school. In fact, the advertising and commerciialization of your skills and talent has already begun. The fact that the media in Pittsburgh is writing about you is advertisement for the university and the fact that if they keep you in state all solicits ticket sales. The university will make a lot more money off of your talent than your only guaranteed annaul 3 semester finacial aid will be..
    Your scholarship is only for one year while the coaches sign contracts for several years. Pitt’s entire athletic department is going down hill. I am sure you met the AD, Call him up and ask him what’s wrong. Maybe you can bring it back to prominence, which is very doubtful. You can’t do it alone. The leadership at the top is destroying the athletic program. On the other hand, Arizona maynot be any better for you. My advice is to go to a winning program (VERY IMPORTANT) with a good chance to start or get significant playing time as a freshman. Your education should be priority wherever you decide to take your talent; but also think in terms of your future as a professional athlete because I know your goal is to play on Sundays. Please do not listen to the crap about staying home or staying close to family or staying in state. Believe me, your parents, family, friends and significant other would rather see you leave home and realize your dreams of becoming a professional athlete. If you think you can do it in state at Pitt, then sign your guaranteed one year contract (it is not four years as the colleges would lead you to believe) with them. Because Pitt has cut the throats of many athletes by exercising the rights of not awarding the financial aid for the next year to benefit themselves. I can assure you, the head coaches at either university will not hesitate to cut your throat to ensure they keep their hefty multi million $$$ contract and reputation as a good coach intact. Good luck. Remember, you are a buisnessman.

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