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Pitt-Georgetown post-game quotes and notes


*** First off, a short story. An hour or so before the game, someone in the media room expressed amazement that Pitt was a favorite (two points) over the No. 9 team in the nation.  He said something to the affect “Georgetown could win by 30.” I said ‘No, they couldn’t’ and countered that it should be a pick ‘em or Pitt as a small favorite. Call it the power of Tray combined with a packed Pete.

I didn’t have a bet on the game, obviously, but the victory doesn’t surprise me at all. And I think Pitt beating anyone, anywhere the rest of the year shouldn’t come as a complete shock. West Virginia on Monday is next and will really tell us where this team is headed.

*** Lamar Patterson had his best game as a Panther. He hit a shot-clock beating 3 to open the scoring and never slowed down. He had “only” seven assists — he seemed to have many more — but they were all big assists and led to dunks or easy layups. Oh, and he scored a career-high 18 points.

Here are some post-game Patterson quotes 

On defense

“We were aggressive. We weren’t letting them push us around. We just held our ground. We really wanted to focus in on defense. We haven’t been good on defense all year. We wanted to show everyone we can play defense.”

On offense 

“I just wanted to be aggressive and attack the rim. My jump shot really wasn’t falling so I just wanted to attack the rim and get layups and I was able to drive it in. The opportunities were there and I just took them. I love making plays for other players.”

On penetration

 “That’s the main focal point. We want to be able to attack and make plays. Coach always tells us to make someone else guard us. Once someone else guards us, someone else is open and that’s where it all starts.”

On Georgetown’s defense  

“There were a lot of spaces and gaps with their man and zone. I just wanted to be able to attack it and make a play for someone else.”

On West Virginia on Monday

“We’re going to be ready. Our momentum is going right now and we just want to keep it rolling.”

 **** If Patterson was brilliant, Nasir Robinson wasn’t far behind. The senior scored a season-high 23 points and went 9 for 9 from the field. He was two baskets shy — without a miss – of tying Brian Shorter’s single-game record of 11 for 11 set 22 years ago.  Robinson also went 5 for 6 from the free throw line. He needed a good day from the line. Since starting the season 7 for 7, Robinson – a 49 percent career FT shooter — was 27 for 60 (45 percent) before Saturday’s strong outing.

Here are some Robinson post-game quotes:

On attitude of team 

“We feel real confident. We’ve been practicing hard. We are just trying to get back to Pitt basketball. Coach is using the word, ‘Fight.’ We are going to keep fighting in practice and on the court and things should take care of themselves.”

 On shooting

“I just use my quickness and finish plays. They did a good job of finding me and I just finish the play.”

 *** Tray Woodall struggled from the field, shooting 1 for 7 and 0 for 3 from 3-point range, with four points. But he recorded 10 assists and showed good movement on defense. It was another step forward for the junior point guard.

Here are some of Woodall’s post-game quotes:

 On passing

“We wanted to make sure we worked the ball around and it just happened to find those guys and they were doing a great job of making good decisions.”

 On 12-0 record vs. Top 10 teams at the Pete

“We look at the rankings. We just want to go after them just like any other team will go after us. We just come out and play as hard as we can and give it all we’ve got and keep fighting.”

 **** Ashton Gibbs also struggled a bit, going 4 for 8 from the field, 1 for 3 from 3-point range, with four turnovers and no assists. But he also played decent defense — a shortcoming all season — and was a reason Hoyas top scorer Jason Clark was 3 for 9 from the field and missed all five of his 3-point attempts.

Here are some post-game quotes from Gibbs:

On defense on Clark

“I think we did a good job. We wanted to close out hard on him and make him take tough shots. I think that’s what we did and I think that was one of the keys to the game.”

On team’s defense  

“We focus our game on defense. If we stop the other team from scoring and make them take tough shots throughout the whole game, we know offense will take care of itself.”

 More on defense

“It’s what we’ve got to do every game; make their best players take tough shots.”

**** Georgetown coach John Thompson III called his team’s defensive effort “awful.” Pitt shot 52 percent, the highest percentage against the Hoyas all season. Only one other team (WVU) had shot better than 49 percent against the long, athletic Hoyas.  Pitt also held a 35-23 rebounding edge.

Here are some quotes from Thompson III

On defense and rebounding

 “They played well and I don’t want to take anything away from them but in both of those areas (defense and rebounding), we were awful today.”

On defense

“I think you can probably lump together everything from the defensive end that shouldn’t have happened, and it happened.”

 On Pitt’s defense

“Let’s give their defense credit. Yes, their defense was very good. But I think we were getting the looks that we wanted. There was a stretch where the ball didn’t go in the basket.”

 On Gibbs

“They put so much pressure on you to focus on (Gibbs) because he’s such a good player. They had other guys that stepped up.”

 On Patterson

“I don’t know if he (Patterson) caught us off guard because we know he’s a good player, but he stepped up today.”

 On Pitt’s fans

“Their fans are absolutely terrific. Good times, bad times. In session, out of session. Rain, sleet, snow.”

 *** Jason Clark on Nasir Robinson

 “He rebounds and plays hard. He’s one of those guys you can’t lose and he finds a way to score around the basket.”

**** Here are some post-game quotes from Jamie Dixon

 On overall play

“Well, again, I thought our guys were tremendous throughout the game. Preparation was very good. They found a way. I liked how we played basketball. Offensively against a very good defense team we were really unselfish and moved the ball.”

 On Lamar Patterson

“He’s played really well lately. We’ve asked him to do a lot of things. Maybe he’s played too many minutes at times. But I think he’s kind of filling into that role of understanding how valuable he is and how many minutes he’s going to play, how hard he’s got to play.”

More on Patterson  

“He’s the perfect indication of getting better and doing what he needs to do and what we need him to do. He just did a lot of things (today). I think he really defended well. He’s been very good all year long and he’s better with Travon out there and I think that’s really evident.”

 On defense

 “(The defense) was better. We’re getting better. And that’s what you want to be doing at this point in the year. You want to be getting better. That was evident offensively and defensively, but we’ve got a long way to go and a lot of things we can get better at, which is encouraging at the same time.”

 More on defense

“We did what we wanted to do. We didn’t allow any of the back-cuts. We didn’t allow them to make 3s. We made them earn their post baskets for the most part. We stuck to the game plan for the most part. It could have been a little bit better but we stuck to our philosophy for what we wanted to do coming into the game.”

 On offense

“I think we’re a very good offensive team when we have our people out there. I think we just moved the ball very much better. I think we took very good shots offensively. I can count two shots that were not good shots.”

 On Nasir Robinson

“He let things come to him. It was dump-off layups off pass and penetration, execution of plays. That’s how he needs to play. He has a great knack for being in the right spot. He hurt them in the zone, he hurt them in man. He did a great job from the free-throw line and I thought he did a good job defensively, too, for the most part. Very good job for Nasir. You can’t say enough about the kid. He gets his knee drained once or twice a week. He’s out here battling and playing. It goes to show. Everybody knew how tough he was and how determined he was and this is just another indication of that.”

 On moving ahead from losing streak

 “We had to be better in our next game and I felt we really did that. We are looking at the last two games. That’s our team. That’s what we can control going forward. That’s what our mentality has been. We will continue to go with that thinking. We hope to stay healthy and we hope to continue to improve, and I’m certain we’re going to improve.”

 On playing Monday at WVU  

“Every home court is tough in this conference. They are very good. We need to play well. We understand that. We’ve played well there before and I think we will do everything we can to play well (on Monday).”



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