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Steven Adams talks after game at Ambridge


**** Pitt recruit Steven Adams had 12 points, 14 rebounds, three blocked shots, two assists and two steals in Notre Dame Prep’s 75-36 victory over Massanutten (Va.) Military Academy as part of the Pittsburgh Basketball Club Legends Classic at Ambridge High School. He had four dunks, including a first-quarter put-back that brought some of the biggest cheers of the crowd.

*** About 15 Pitt students wearing Oakland Zoo T-shirts set up a transplanted Zoo section behind the Notre Dame Prep bench. Jamie Dixon and Brandin Knight were also in attendance before heading to Morgantown to join the rest of the team for Monday’s game at WVU.

*** Notre Dame Prep, with an outstanding backcourt (Xavier signee Myles Davis, Clemson-bound Adonis Filer and Sam Cassell Jr.)  is an uptempo team and didn’t run many set plays for Adams — or even look to him underneath very much. But he showed his athleticism, assisting on a soaring dunk by Filer and blocking a shot by 6-4 guard Cam Jones without leaving his feet.

*** During the weekend, Adams visited the Pittsburgh Zoo and attended Pitt’s 72-60 victory over No. 9 Georgetown on Saturday afternoon at Petersen Events Center.

Adams talked to reporters after the game.

Here are some of his quotes:

On acclimating to the US

“It’s going good. I’ve just got to adapt to the food. My favorite is the steak and cheese.”

On all of the attention

“I find it weird. (In New Zealand), usually it’s only two people or one person with a notepad. Not cameras.”

On quality of play in the US

“The pace is much faster and more physical (in the U.S.). There are a ton of athletic people. It’s crazy. … I need to work on my footwork and defense and stuff like that and get faster. I get lazy sometimes. I need a boot up the butt from my coach.”

On atmosphere at Pitt-Georgetown game

“That was fun. It was amazing. It was quite intimidating. The Zoo is crazy and knowing I have to play in front of them next year. Whoa.”

On impressions of Pittsburgh

“I think the whole city is awesome. Especially when you come out of that tunnel (Fort Pitt). That is amazing. It’s awesome.”

Here are some post-game quotes from Notre Dame Prep coach Ryan Hurd

On all of the attention on Adams

“All of this is strange to him. We were at the Pete yesterday and people were taking pictures of his feet. He’s got to try to wrestle with all that and he’s doing a great job with it. …A lot of the kids today get an opportunity to get accustomed to it over time. He walked off a plane and got slammed in the face with cameras. He doesn’t understand all the hype and he doesn’t want to understand it all. That’s what’s so pure and nice about him.

“He will stop and pick somebody off the floor when he knocks them over. We keep trying to explain that happens after the whistle. Just keep going and everything will be good.”

On Adams being a one-and-done candidate

“I think on paper he’s exactly that. I think for him personally he doesn’t even think about it. He’s thinking about dinner right now.”

On expectations on Adams 

“I think that he can be whatever he wants to be. But we need to careful with this savior thing. He’s not trying to be the savior. He’s trying to be Steve. He’s good with that.”

 On former ND Prep player Khem Birch  

“Obviously, I have a great relationship with both of those kids. Khem has nothing bad to say. Unfortunately a lot of things have been characterized. He doesn’t have anything bad to say about coach Dixon or about the kids that were here. It’s different people having a different situation and I’m sorry it didn’t work because I think it was a great place for Khem.”



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