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Nasir Robinson’s knee best it’s felt all season


Senior forward Nasir Robinson said after practice on Friday that his surgically repaired right knee feels better than it has all season.

Robinson had his knee drained a couple of days ago — he undergoes the procedure a few times a week — and the doctors removed more fluid than any other time this year.

After taking the past two days off practice, Robinson went all-out on Friday’s practice and then did some extra shooting and driving drills afterward.

Robinson had surgery in mid-October and missed about three weeks.

“It kind of felt good,” he said. “I’m bending it more and working on my strength. It’s feeling good. It’s not hurting. No stiffness. I felt good today in practice.”

Asked if this is the best he’s felt all year, Robinson said, “Yeah, yeah. Most definitely.”

 Robinson is 13 for 13 from the field in the past two games, despite going against much taller players underneath the basket. The 6-foot-5 Chester native, who scored 15 points at his hometown Villanova last February, is proficient with his left hand, something he started working on as a youngster.

“I’ve always been a finisher since I was young. I always had the ability to finish around the basket. I just try to get it up there quick. I was using my left hand when I was 10. We had this drill. Put your right hand behind your back and dribble. I worked on it. Now it’s almost dominant. I can shoot with my left hand, too. I really can shoot (free throws lefty). I can shoot like I’m left-handed. I’ve been doing it at practice and my teammates say my left hand looks better than when I shoot it with my right.”

Tray Woodall said opposing defenders might underestimate how effective Robinson is with his left hand.

“I don’t think people realize he’s ambidextrous,” Woodall said. “He’s just one of those guys. He dunks with his left. Everything is pretty much with his left hand. Defenders don’t realize that. Most of the shots he finishes are with his left hand, but he shoots the basketball with his right. Since I’ve been known him, he’s been making those type of shots.”



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