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Final thoughts on Pitt’s loss to Florida State — and the future


Before I went to Heinz Field on Monday, I predicted Pitt would lose, 28-13, to Florida State. I also said coach Paul Chryst has Pitt pointed in the right direction.
The final was 41-13, and Pitt looked worse than I thought. The road Chryst, his staff and players must travel is long and treacherous. Fans must go against their nature and be patient, or they will be disappointed and discouraged for the next two or three seasons.
The talent disparity between Pitt and Florida State is clear and it is wide. Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher is one of college football’s top recruiters. When he has 11 players drafted by the NFL, which is what happened this year, you can barely tell when the next team lines up the following season.
Pitt has had four coaches in the past 33 months. As much as anything, that’s why the final was 41-13.
More observations:
— Lost in the chaos was the outstanding play of senior wide receiver Devin Street, who recorded a career-high 141 receiving yards, beating his previous best (140) set against Temple last year. Street and Tyler Boyd and quarterback Tom Savage will keep Pitt competitive in most ACC games this season.
— Pitt has allowed 79 points and 920 yards in its past two games, including a loss to Ole Miss in the BBVA Compass Bowl last season. Ole Miss and Florida State beat Pitt with speed, on both sides of the ball.
— Pitt is off this weekend and resumes play Sept. 14 against New Mexico, a 21-13 loser to Texas-San Antonio last Saturday. Texas-San Antonio did not have a football program before 2011.




  1. Joe D says:

    Enough with the excuses already.
    They are who we thought they were.
    House should never have been named DC to begin with when Randy Shanahan was available at a reasonable salary.
    Beckerfield and Haering need to go also and I’m surprise it didn’t happen prior to this season. The defense is a debacle.
    Give Chryst time?? The talent disparity is clear and wide.
    Did you see what Chryst and crew is recruiting? Bunch of Patriot league type players that will not win in the ACC. It will get worse, much worse, before it gets better.

    Chryst will still be the coach in 2014 regardless of how 2013 ends up. However, he may not be here after 2014 unless he delivers 8 wins or better in 2014.

    The only way to improve this team is 2 fold.
    1. Recruit better players. Players that are talented as well as athletic with speed and quickness. That is regardless of the position as speed and quickness is relative to the position. Currently, Chryst and crew are clueless on how to go about landing 4/5 star players.

    2. Replace coaches. Specifically House, Beckerfield, Haering. And for once, bring in some coaches outside Chryst’s coaching circle.

  2. Steve says:

    I thought the real difference in these teams came down to the FSU O-line vs. the Pitt D-line. Pitt banked on being able to play soft pass coverage in the hopes that their line could pressure the QB into mistakes. For much of the game there simply was no pressure on Winston. As they say, he had “all day” back there. The FSU O-line opened holes for the running game when needed too.

    I thought Savage looked good despite two bad interceptions. When he had time he showed good arm strength and accuracy. Can’t tell much from one game but he definitely appears to be an upgrade at QB.

    Tyler Boyd looked great when he got his hands on the ball. That simple jet sewwp picked up big yardage. He certainly looked equal to the talent FSU had out there at the speed positions. Connor showed a lot of ability too.

    The defense must improve significantly between now and the next game. Let the corners play closer coverage. If you get beat, so be it. Monday night was death by 1000 cuts!

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