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Pitt Locker Room

NCAA student-athletes, including those at Pitt, enjoy their smorgasbords


The night he led Connecticut to the national basketball championship, guard Shabazz Napier said he sometimes went to sleep hungry because NCAA restrictions limited how much food his school could provide him.
Not long after that, the NCAA said to its student-athletes: Eat as much as you want. There now are no limits on how much food schools can serve.
As part of the ruling, the NCAA said schools no longer need to trim the cost of so-called training-table meals from monthly scholarship checks.
But Dan Bartholomae, who is Pitt’s executive associate athletic director for compliance and administration, said all but two ACC schools will continue to take back the cost of the meals.
Pitt is one of the generous ones, he said.
At Pitt, it means a nutrition center has been set up in the weight room of the football team’s practice facility where players can get protein shakes and granola bars. “Quick fuel for a workout,” Bartholomae said.
Plus, breakfast foods are available in the players’ second-floor cafeteria, complete with a waffle iron.  Lunch and dinner also are served.
It amounts to what Bartholomae said is a “24/7 fueling station, all day long, every day.” It’s the same for athletes of all sports, including walk-ons, who still must buy a food plan, but are fed when they are with the team.
Is it too late for Paul Chryst to offer me a scholarship?

One more note from Friday:
Chryst gave his players a break at the end of practice when he organized a water balloon fight.
It was a welcome respite from the 13 consecutive days (so far) of camp.
“Camp is long and you are here all day,” senior safety Ray Vinopal said. “To be able to go out there and throw
some water balloons at someone who might have (ticked) you off earlier in practice is pretty fun.”
Long after practice, some water from a stray balloon accidentally splashed on a TV photographer and his camera. No harm was done, but Chryst found the player responsible and demanded he apologize to the photographer.
Just another example of how Chryst runs his program, making everyone accountable for every action.






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