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Wakeup Call: Hanrahan is … wow

Some sporting thoughts before sunrise …


. Hanrahan

>> I started this by typing that blog headline up there, then was staring at the screen for a bit looking for the right adjective. As you can see, I failed.

Joel Hanrahan right now is just … wow.

Here, check out Major League Baseball’s current saves leaders. That’s impressive, though not mind-blowing. Now, look at that list again and check out the WHIP column. That’s a huge number for a reliever, the walks and hits per inning pitched. Only J.J. Putz in Arizona has a lower figure.

And you know what? Forget all that and just trust your eyes this time. Watch how Hanrahan is just blowing those 98-mph fastballs upstairs past the bat, then getting guys to lunge at his now-officially-back slider.

Walked up to Hanrahan late Saturday night, and I asked him — informally — this question: “Do you have any idea how good you are right now?”

He just smiled.

He knows.

>> Is Paul Maholm really making you think that the Pirates should exercise that $9.75 million club option for 2012?

>> So, I publicly predict that the Bruins will win Game 6 by a 5-1 score, and the Canucks have the audacity to score a late meaningless goal to make it 5-2. It can take all the steam out of a guy.

Probably not Mark Recchi, though. Guy is 43, producing three sweet assists in Game 6 and having the time of his life. Hard not to pull for him to go out on top.

How many truly do that?

Lanny McDonald? Ray Bourque? Jerome Bettis?

>> Apologies yet again for not being able to have links in the comments section. I think you can do just one for now, but they’re working on it.


  1. mmeestro says:

    I realized tonight that I have unconsciously already been celebrating Pirates wins in my head the moment they get out of the 8th inning with a lead.

    Earlier this season, I was pulling for Hanrahan to be selected to the All Star team. Now I feel like I would be upset if he’s anything less than the closer for the NL team.

  2. Ryan76 says:

    Last year at this time, I was typically “unconscious” by the 8th inning…..mainly due to our pathetic pitching display and a lot of Crown.

    This year, though, I know what you mean mmeestro. Feels a lot different. Hanny has a lot to do with that….his confidence makes me confident. So does PRNWs, Cutch’s and Tabata’s and a bunch of other guys.

    A lot of us have stuck with this team through thick and thin, mostly thin. Can’t wait to see how the next 8 weeks or so play out to see if we are finally turning the corner. Really hope so.

    Biz – you can add Biloxi, MS to your list.

  3. rvfcprez says:

    Love having the Wakeup Call again! Congrats DK on this new opportunity!

    I’ve been a Pirates fan since 1973 and the past 18 years have been rough, but I’m glad I stuck around to see what just may actually be a turnaround for the team. Its nice to know that they really do have a chance to win games that last year would be easy losses. There are many improvements that the team needs to make before they are truly contenders, but they are fun to watch right now! And if everyone gets healthy again, it could be really fun!!! It’s amazing they are doing this well with all of the players they have on the DL.

  4. Curt says:

    I will be the first to admit I originally thought Hanrahan would never get it together to be a closer. I was wrong.
    He’s a stud. And that fastball is ridiculous. Guys can’t touch him. I think he deserves to be in the All Star conversation.

  5. Kevin In Indy says:

    Maholm is a steal at 9.75 million. No, really, he is. They have got to pick up the option. Hell, give him three more years. The Pirates have seen him through his lengthy development, it’d be a shame to let him get away now.
    Seeing him now, and Zach Duke’s improvement as of late, methinks Dave Kerwin may have been much more incompentant than we thought…

  6. Drew71 says:

    I would back it off just a bit Kevin. A steal at current dollars, a value at 9.75MM. Of course that assumes that he remains as he is.

    I think Maholm has put PBC in a unique and enviable position…they have CHOICES and nothing forcing their hand.

    1. If someone absolutely BLOWS THEM AWAY, they can consider a trade

    2. If not, they can happily keep him, as he is value priced and worth 9.75

    2 A) And if they keep him, repeat next year. In 2012, they have the same good option if he keeps pitching as he has.

    Is this a year that PBC might get blown away by offers? Reasons why:

    – Yankees are NOT in first place and not guaranteed a wildcard birth
    – Reasonable parity at the top. The good teams are fairly well bunched and a decent but not great team who may want to trade isn’t necessarily trailing a couple of impossible-to-stop juggernauts.

    But if not blown away, SO WHAT. KEEP him.

  7. Arriba Wilver says:

    Trouble is (IF you want to sign him longer), if he keeps pitching like he has, next year it will be a LOT more expensive to sign him for a few years, and impossible to sign him for one. I know it’s a tough call, but they will not be in the same position with the same options next year on Paul.

  8. Drew71 says:

    Arriba – If they keep Maholm into next year, even if they can then no longer sign him (affordability in his walk-off year), their options are:

    1) Keep him all year. If the Pirates’ record is better than this year, almost by definition they would be a legit Wild Card threat. Let him walk and receive a very high compensation pick…probably sandwich pick after round 1. And for what it’s worth, no buyout has to be paid after 2012 if he walks THEN. Sure, the 2011 buyout is peanuts, buyouts still represent dead money.

    2) If record NOT much better and not in the hunt, trade Maholm at the deadline.

    If you are saying that the viability to EXTEND him is more in this season than next, then yes, I wholeheartedly agree with that. But they don’t HAVE to extend him beyond 2012 to still get value for him or have options. So even if they don’t sign him to an extension before next season, i see a couple of viable options

  9. Buckeyehba says:

    No, trade Maholm now. It is all hoops and whistles. History says he will start laying 88 MPH fast balls up in the zone.

  10. BuccoJax says:

    On the Hammer:

    It’s been along time since I could see a Pirates closer enter the game with a 1 run lead, and feel as confident as I do with Joel on the hill. Capps always had this uncertainty to him that made me think the opposing team was going to tee up on him.

    Joel along with McCutchen and Walker deserve All-Star consideration. I know that they all won’t make it, because life’s just not fair like that, but still.

    On Maholm:
    [Everything listed in brackets is my rational side of my brain, trying to set the Kool-aid drinking side straight]

    Management needs to sign Paul if he keeps this string of quality starts going. In the past the Pirates have been known for throwing away good players to save money…this is not one of those times.

    We have something special in Paul, and he is homegrown. This is what the plan was all about wasn’t it? [Yes, but if it’s costing Nutting part of his funds for his yearly vacation in October, all bets are off.]

    Developing our own players and becoming a contender, right? [Yeah, that’s what they keep telling you to get you into PNC Park.]

    Are we really going to gamble our top rated lefty pitcher as trade bait now, especially if in 4-6 weeks we are still hovering around .500? [Yep, the season will surely be “out of reach” or progress will be “not be where management feels it should be”, and we need a washed up SS or RF to add to our bench to add “depth”. Maybe they’ll throw a “plus-side” pitcher in there, that has a tweek in his arm that’s just not bad enough to point out yet.]

    Wait a second…these are the Pittsburgh Pirates…what am I thinking? [Kool-aid, wore off didn’t it?]

  11. PhillyJake says:

    I agree with Drew. (No like option at this place.)

  12. JAL says:

    Tim Williams at Pirates Prospects had a column on NH and felt Hanrahan was one of the top closers in the game. I had a back and forth with someone at IS Sports who felt Hanny was not a top closer because he is only 9th in saves, ignoring that you can only save what have a chance to save.

  13. Arriba Wilver says:

    I was focusing on the comment “And if they keep him, repeat next year. In 2012, they have the same good option if he keeps pitching as he has.” It’s not the same, by any stretch. Sure, you always have options, and one of them next year will be to keep him and get a sandwich pick. The biggest question is, is this Paul’s “breakout year,” or to put it another way, is he at the the Jason Schmidt stage of his career? I don’t know, that’s what those guys get paid for (to evaluate). The second is, what would it take to sign him up for a few? Assuming he continues to pitch like he has this year and next, the 9.75 option is more than reasonable. No argument. But if you want to keep him, what would be the cost?

  14. Baywatch says:

    YOU ALL (Bizzer, please li’l ol’ me in TEXAS to your list) make VERY good points about Maholm. I even like Drew’s idea about keeping him next year, then letting him walk for some next-year-comp. If he were a position player, I think with him turning 29 in a few weeks, I’d say trade him. But as a mostly-consistent very good pitcher, is it me or does it seem those guys have better shelf life … can be really good right up to 33 or 34 or so?

    The only thing I’m thinking that might be a variable in trading him is the stable of pitchers coming up behind him that are pitching very well in the minors. Granted, more from AA on down at this point, with Lincoln and Owens at Indy.

    But as was mentioned above, a STEAL at $9.75 million. Maybe we can just get rid of Ohlendorf!

  15. Drew71 says:

    Arriba – Not sure of the likely extension cost for years beyond 2012…but if 9.75MM is at least a value, then you can bet that it would take a nice step UP from 10MM per year.

    So let me ask you…what do you prefer?

    A) Trade now
    B) Keep another year then let walk or trade then
    C) Extension beyond 2012?

    My choice is D (of course): Keep Options OPEN for now, consider trade offers but don’t accept unless VERY good offer.

  16. Fat Jimmy says:

    Drew, I completely agree with your comment at 8:18.

    At this point, I think picking up the option is the smartest play out there, provided that they aren’t overwhelmed with an offer at the deadline. I really like Paul — he seems like a genuinely good guy, he’s been durable, he’s had some remarkable runs of success, he’s lefthanded in a franchise that now has a dearth of lefty starters.

    But as I watched the game last night, I just couldn’t figure out how Maholm gets guys out. He doesn’t have fantastic control — my eyes tell me he isn’t pinpoint in the zone, and his walk statistics (3.2/9 Innings) support that. He isn’t overpowering — and the fact he is now throwing only 87 MPH with no devastating offspeed pitch supports that.

    I would love for Paul Maholm the person and the LHSP to be a guy that pitches for the Pirates for years to come. But Paul Maholm the soon-to-be-30-year-old pitcher who is only hitting 87 on the gun with no ++ pitches … man, I feel like we should trade that guy while there is a market for him.

  17. DFlash02 says:

    I want Maholm. I’d love if they could tear up next year and give him a 3 year extension at a little less, but I want Maholm. The team finally has starting pitching – keep it.

    On another topic, what is the best way to navigate to this blog? I have a whale of a time trying to find it when I open

  18. CFJohnsn56 says:

    There’s still one other option that hasn’t been discussed as of yet….

    Sign him to a mutually beneficial contract (say, tear up the $9.75M 1 yr and make it an escalating $25M 3 yr (say $7.5/$8.5/$9M)) and then he’d have even more value in a trade package and/or be an even bigger value.

    If he does turn into the 2nd best lefty in the NL…you win.

    If he returns to the inconsistent PM but still shows enough glimpses of promise that there’s still some hope that he will become the 2nd best, another team will still likely take him on b/c their cost will still be less than that of say Randy Wolf!

  19. mike pollice says:

    spending cash on players drafted in first rounds and Paul M is a done accomplished and in the big picture the money means little. Not mine but this dude is pitching the heck out of the ball.

  20. JMB says:

    I like the pick up of next year’s option @ $9.75 (Cot’s says it could go to $11m based on performance bonuses).

    By the 2013 season, it will be time to move another direction with the young SP’s.

    Pick up the option for 2012, and then make a competitive offer for 2013, but if he walks over $- he walks.

    I doubt anyone is going to blow NH away for PM. NH, supposedly, asked for the world for Maholm last year, so no trade happened.

  21. Fat Jimmy says:

    CFJ, for Maholm to take a 3/25 contract from the Bucs, he’d be agreeing to a serious home town discount. Jorge De Le Rosa got 2/21.5 from the Rockies last year — he’s a little older and his numbers aren’t quite as good as Maholm, though he’s got better stuff.

    Given his durability and being left handed, someone is going to give him 3 years/$33mm, I think.

  22. JMB says:

    I like the pick up of next year’s option @ $9.75 (Cot’s says it could go to $11m based on performance bonuses).

    By the 2013 season, it will be time to move another direction with the young SP’s.

    Pick up the option for 2012, and then make a competitive offer for 2013, but if he walks over $- he walks.

    I doubt anyone is going to blow NH away for PM. NH, supposedly, asked for the world for Maholm last year, so no trade happened

  23. Fat Jimmy says:

    Randy Wolf has a 3-year/$29.75 million contract.

  24. JMB says:

    Sorry DK – I tried to take off my “website” deal to see if that worked.

    I dont understand why my comments are being moderated now

  25. CFJohnsn56 says:


    While PM would be giving the team a discount, he’d gain monetary security for the next three years instead of no years.

    As it stands right now, the PBC or whomever they might trade him to can choose to not pick up that option making him a FA. Obviously, the way he is pitching right now almost guarantees that they will. But what if he blows out his shoulder in Sept? At that point, that option is as worthless as the paper that it is printed on.

    There is also the chance that he reverts back to his “normal” self next year where he is getting hammered every couple of starts and has a big inning in him almost every other. At that point, he might only be looking at Corriea money ($8M/2 yrs). There’s still an argument that can be made to attempt to persuade him to take less now for the certainty later.

    It’s that same logic/reasoning that cause players like Longoria, Bruce and soon to be McCutchen to take multi-year deals that buy out arb years and a year or two of free agency.

  26. Bizrow says:

    Good discussion about Maholm, he and what to do with him was a hot topic on 93.7 this am.

    Ok, so since I last posted, I see Arnold, MD, Lansdale, Pa, Biloxi Miss and somewhere deep in the heart of Texas?

    I have the list at home, so will update tonight.

    JMB can you do me a favor? I’ll be headed to Vegas over the weekend, was wondering if you could kinda keep an eye on new signups?

  27. JMB says:

    sure thing Bizzy – have a great time!

  28. absolute59 says:

    CFJ: The difference with the guys you mentioned is that they are/were making the ML minimum of $420,000 or so for those first 3-4 years so it makes sense for them to take the guaranteed money.

    A guy like Maholm at the end of this year will have already made about 14 M in his career. His does not have same incentive to get the guaranteed money. If Pirates don’t exercise he knows that he is going to make a lot of money as FA as evidenced by Randy Wolfe deal FJ mentioned above.

  29. Rick Meyer says:

    Ugh. Looking at the list of save leaders just brought back that Littlefield once traded Leo Nunez for Benito Santiago. He has to have been the worst GM ever.

  30. Dejan Kovacevic says:

    @Rick: Few would argue the point, even if it might be hyperbole.

  31. Dejan Kovacevic says:

    @Flash: Just bookmark it for now. Improvements are on the way. Thanks!

  32. Drew71 says:

    Hey, we’re back on. My life once again has meaning.

    I think Maholm must have thrown a hissy fit re: the suggestions of a discount and crashed the site. Even an 87 MPH fastball can evidently do damage.

  33. Drew71 says:

    To those who want Paul to take a discount below 9.75MM in 2012…UNION WILL NOT ALLOW. Whether you like it or not, that is reality. (Remember the Red Sox trade/extension offer to ARod and Texas, and union’s rejection.)


    Based on the DLR Colorado deal, I would think that adding 11MM for the two FOLLOWING years (2013 & 14) is actually a discount. In part because it is only TWO more years and with his workhorse history (LOOK at his annual innings…the consistency of them), multiple teams would be willing to give him at least that annual rate for THREE more years. And yes, if PBC buys him out after THIS year, a potential other-team three year deal still ends after 2014. But in the NEW deal he’d get about 11MM for 2012 (plus the small PBC buyout) rather than 9.75.

  34. Hamburger Jones says:

    Remember, people: there is still a month before the All-Star Game (Hanrahan) and almost 2 months before the trade deadline (Maholm). Anything can happen between now and then, especially concerning the Hammer.

    Also, did anyone notice that of the 9 closers above Hammer, 8 of them were from the National League. Even though the pitching staff is chosen by the manager for the ASG, that man will have a multitude of solid options to choose from and only 3 maybe 4 spots to fill.

    Regarding Maholm, there are only 2 legitimate options: trade him or re-negotiate the contract. The only situation in which he would be a 10M per year starter is through the screwy arbitration process. Fat Jim mentioned de la Rosa’s contract but you have to remember that the FA market in general and for starting pitching in particular was excruciatingly thin last offseason.

  35. Drew71 says:

    within the symbols above, it was SUPPOSED to say…

    **Insert obligatory how-can-union-do-that rant here**

  36. Bizrow says:

    Thanks JMB

    Drew, you can’t re-negotiate with more total money? I didn’t know that, I thought as long as it was for more money overall it could be done

  37. Bizrow says:

    Doesn’t look like the list of 2012 FA Starters is real deep either, above is a link, here are some names that popped out, did not look at guys with options

    Ollie Perez (as I duck)
    Dontre Willis

  38. Better Days Coming says:

    I would leverage the best trade possible at the deadline. Nice guy and all but Maholm is a pitch to contact guy who has been infuriatingly inconsistent over his career. The FO is known to favor big, power arms so I just don’t see them committing big dollars, value aside, to Maholm. The track record just isn’t there.

    Though not always perfect in execution, NH has been consistent to the plan he mapped out. I don’t see Maholm and his style of pitching fitting into it.

  39. Hamburger Jones says:


    Looking at that list suggests to me that the best bet may in fact be to trade Paulie, if only because that may be where his greatest value lies with the team. Let’s be honest here: this ain’t Major League and the Pirates ain’t contenders (don’t think a Nutting poster covered in stickers would be much for motivation). Maholm’s value is at it’s peak right now, perhaps even higher than when he was a first round pick. Add that to the fact that he is by far and away the most marketable chip they have this year and there are several youngsters at AAA that TBMTIB need to find out about before the next wave of starters comes rolling through.

    I guess the only real question for DK is what do you think the market would bare for Paulie if he continues to pitch like this over the next 7 weeks?

  40. Drew71 says:

    Biz, if i recall correctly, that was exactly the argument that the Red Sox and ARod made…more total money even if entry was less, or something like that. Of course my recollection may be as off as my sense of humor

  41. PhillyJake says:

    @Drew –

    With A-Rod, he was giving up guaranteed money. Paul’s money is not guaranteed, so I wouldn’t see a union objection.

  42. Hamburger Jones says:

    Oh, and DK, I know we have been asking for alot on this thing (I’d wager the IT guys don’t like you very much right now) but would there be any way we could get an auto refresh button put on here somewhere? It would be most convenient for posters.

  43. Drew71 says:

    Jake – This same situation came up with another player. Don’t recall if it was ARod or another…but I vaguely think it was not ARod.

    The view was: ‘Yes it IS giving up guaranteed money. Unless and until that CURRENT contract is voided by paying buyout, he is due 9.75MM. Period. You want to pay him less than that? Sure. No problem. But FIRST you must buy him out and give him the privilege of free agency. Then you must HOPE he signs with you.’

    I wish I could recall the specific circumstances of the discussion…who and what…but I am fairly certain it was exactly that.

    It was debated for awhile on the OTHER SITE and lots of emotional it-shouldn’t-be comments but emotion has nothing to do with it. It either is allowed or it isn’t.

    Warning, same as before: MY MEMORY IS “SOFT”.

    If Dejan is available to comment today, maybe he can weigh in on the possibility (whether it is even allowed) for a player under contract to extend for more total dollars but give back in first year.

    ALL THAT SAID…why is it so important for Maholm to give back in the first year anyway? By baseball value system, if he pitches as he is now, he is “worth” 9.75MM.

    I think the bigger issue is not squeezing him on year one, but rather LIMITING THE INCREASE in years two and three.

  44. CDBrewer says:

    I think it is possible that maholm has learned how to pitch. Really, Vogelsong just figured it out…Granted I think Searage had a lot to do with Maholm’s figuring it out, but then I would ask him what he thought about extending him.

    In fact, I would give Searage a lot of say in the staff moving forward.
    I love Garcia for next year, but that isn’t gonna happen

  45. Fat Jimmy says:

    That new Dejan Kovacevic columnist contract has apparently left the IT department at Trib Total Media with no budget.

    Look, guys, there is absolutely no way that Paul Maholm doesn’t pull down more than 10 million a year. If someone values him on THIS YEAR’S stats, he’s going to get 14/year. Even with some of his poor seasons previously, he’s still going to get >$10m.

    The big question is whether there are teams that would value him high in July. I actually think Paul would be a great pitcher in a playoff race. Otherwise, that $9.5mm option HAS to be used … the FO (and Nutting in particular) deserves serious criticism if they don’t trade Maholm and just buy him out.

  46. Hamburger Jones says:

    Not to change the subject but for anyone that needs to get their blood pressure up, needs an NFL fix or just enjoys being angry, click this link:

  47. Drew71 says:

    While i don’t agree with it, here is a link (if it works) to MLB Trade Rumors and a story listing Maholm’s value as much less. $24MM over three years.

  48. Dejan Kovacevic says:

    @Tony: It’s DAY-un koh-VAH-che-vich … not that hard. It’s like Joe Smith in Serbia.

    @Jimmy: And hello to you, too, sunshine!

    @Dan: Thanks for that. Best part of this whole process has been finally getting to work, getting past the fuss.

  49. JoeBucco says:

    Tried to post earlier before the commenting went haywire, but I just wanted to say that I’m a little disappointed in the lack of drama when Hanny pitches.

    Where are the days of Mike Williams inheriting a 5-2 lead, giving up a double, two walks and a base hit before escaping with a 5-4 “save”? I mean seriously, those were some exciting games.

    When Hanny comes in, it’s almost not even worth watching the end because you know what’s going to happen. Where’s the fun in that?

  50. Drew71 says:

    Lieutenant DAY-un.


  51. absolute59 says:

    I tend to agree with FJ. If PM continues with his current pitching and PBC does not exercise option he is going a multi-year deal at 10M +

    I think unless they can land a Montero of someone of similar ilk at this year’s trade deadline the PBC should exercise the option as none of the young guys are really banging down the door this year. Next year you will still have the opportunity to move him at the deadline.

  52. MrsCDBrewer says:

    @DK . . It’s not like I learned how common a name yours is when I spent a night on Google looking up two Serbian soap operas trying to see if it was you or one of the other millions of Dejan Kovacevics in the world.

    On a related note, if you are not the star of Sijamci, the 1981 mini-series about twin boys and their divorced parents, someone should notify

  53. CDBrewer says:

    Worlds are colliding DK!

  54. Dejan Kovacevic says:

    @CD: For real?

  55. CDBrewer says:

    Oh, that is a true story…my wife (and I, kinda) were searching your background. You aren’t on youtube, but a young Serb borrowing your name is…
    I wasn’t going to admit it…but somebody else did.

  56. CDBrewer says:

    What is really lame is that we both are following the blog and fostering a conversation about your name, YOUR NAME, not you or the Pirates!

    As a Craig Brewer. I use to get a lot of questions about the movie hustle and flow, but as you can attest, that isn’t me.

  57. MrsCDBrewer says:

    AND Bolji Zivot – how could I have left that one out?

    Meanwhile,I’m sure the other Dejan Kovacevic doesn’t remember being interviewed for the Lemieux special.

  58. Drew71 says:

    And there is the link.

    I think i now qualify for a restraining order

  59. absolute59 says:

    Drew: The MLB Trade Rumors piece is not very well thought out in MHO.

    He says that with an extension Maholm would “have a case for 3year and 24M.” Now considering they are going to owe him between 9.7M and 11M for 2012 alone, is he really going to 6.5 to 7 for 2013 and 2014. Those numbers just don’t make any sense.

    Also he makes this statement. “If the Pirates retained Octavio Dotel last year in the name of a .500 run, they wouldn’t have James McDonald in their rotation now.” Obviously, considering the fact that the team was 30 games under .500 and that when they traded Dotel it would have been beyond stupid to “retain Dotel” in the name of a .500 run. Not to mention that Dotel was 37 years old and a middle reliever on any other team than the Pirates.

    Just no comparison for a 29 year old left handed starter.

  60. Fat Jimmy says:

    Do we really have husband and wife posters on here? Not since Drew mentioned his wife so many times that it FELT like she was posting have we had a husband and wife combo.

  61. CDBrewer says:

    Great point about Hanny’s saves (lol), but our games have been nip and tuck recently. We have held leads for extended periods, we have come back, they have been lower scoring…really interesting baseball – not just competitive…
    I’ve enjoyed the excitement…sure beats last year’s blowouts

  62. PGH_Fan_in_NH says:

    There are several issues that come into a decision on Paul Maholm.

    First and foremost, is this how he is going to pitch going forward? If so, then he is definitely worth the option amount.

    The other issue is his value is high, the Bucs have other pitchers that MAY be able to take the spot (Ohlie, DCutch, Lincoln, and a few others) and they really need a bat. Do you give up a good starting pitcher to get some run support?

    The one thing that they cannot do is trade Maholm for minor league depth. Even though they need depth at catcher and infield, I think the move would send a horrible message to the players and the fans.

  63. Fat Jimmy says:

    Good points, absolute.

  64. CDBrewer says:

    Worlds have collided.

    She was a Met fan…part of getting married was that Met fandom would cease.
    DK stalking not new, posting is new. Oh, if only it were a paysite (LOL)

  65. Fat Jimmy says:

    Dejan, it shows incredible range to be able to comment on Lemieux for Sportscentury AND play the immortal Milan Mitrovic.

  66. SirLochsby says:

    @Fat Jimmy: There used to be diehard and bucco_convert who were a husband and wife tandem.

  67. CDBrewer says:

    MILAN MITROVIC!! (LOL line of the day)

  68. MrsCDBrewer says:

    @SirLochsby – Bucco_convert, eh? I’ve got an amazing man for a dad in Queens who’s a littler sadder for it, but I love the Bucs. Ah, what we wives do for our husbands and the Pirates.

  69. Bizrow says:

    Yeah, worlds have collided, Dejan just tweeted Pitt and Penn State meet in 2016/2017

    Now that is amazing

  70. FormerSoxFan says:

    Re: Maholm, the short answer on whether to trade him is the same with any player . . . it all depends on the return. Can the Pirates get impact talent in return for Maholm, whether it’s at the major or minor league levels? The Pirates have a pretty deep system now, but it’s still lacking in top quality players.

    But going beyond that, Tim Williams has a good piece on Pirates Prospects about the possibility:

    He points out Maholm’s numbers after 14 starts last year: 3.77 ERA, 5.1 K/9, 3.3 BB/9, 86.0 IP. Maholm has 14 starts this year, with a 3.12 ERA, 5.8 K/9, 3.2 BB/9, and 89.1 IP. So he’s been a bit better through 14 starts this year, but not by a wide margin.

    So for starters, we can’t simply assume that he’s going to continue to pitch this well. But if he does, I’m not sure extending him is a great move given his fluctuations from year to year. I would say that picking up his option would be the right move if he continues to pitch as he has so far.

  71. Drew71 says:

    And to follow up on CD’s DK Worldwide Search…and to live up to my restraining order…

    i won’t link to it, but there is a photog/video/artsy Soft Porn site out there by someone with the same Joe Smith name.

    so…Dejan…do youhave a double life?

  72. Drew71 says:

    Slim Jim – Can you be sure my “wife” actually, umm, EXISTS?

  73. Bizrow says:

    Hey Drew, what about Cuban? Who’d a thunk a cake eater would own an NBA championship?

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