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Pittsburgh sports talk with the Trib columnist

On location: Indians 5, Pirates 1

CLEVELAND — One hour to first pitch …

Game: Pirates (35-33) vs. Cleveland Indians (36-31)

Time: 7:05 p.m.

Site: Progressive Field, Cleveland

TV, radio: Root Sports, News Talk 104.7 FM

Weather: 75 degrees, pretty nice night

Here is the official live box score, and here are the lineups …


  1. Jose Tabata, LF
  2. Xavier Paul, RF
  3. Andrew McCutchen, CF
  4. Neil Walker, 2B
  5. Garrett Jones, DH
  6. Lyle Overbay, 1B
  7. Josh Harrison, 3B
  8. Mike McKenry, C
  9. Ronny Cedeno, SS


  1. Grady Sizemore, CF
  2. Michael Brantley, 2B
  3. Asdrubal Cabrera, SS
  4. Travis Hafner, DH
  5. Shin-Soo Choo, RF
  6. Carlos Santana, C
  7. Matt LaPorta, 1B
  8. Orlando Cabrera, 2B
  9. Jack Hannahan, 3B

I am here in Cleveland and will be posting up here occasionally, as time allows. I also have a column to write tonight on deadline, so it might not be much.

Feel free to use this as a discussion forum, as always.

UPDATE 7:08 p.m.: First pitch from Tomlin to Tabata, 77 degrees.

8:20: Sorry for the technical issue that shut down all the blogs for a spell. All seems in order now, except for the visiting team’s offense tonight. The Pirates just have nothing going here.

8:48: Wow. Wish you all could have been watching from my view at Xavier Paul’s throw home right now. Guy’s got quite the arm.

8:54: Something you don’t see every day: The Indians had four consecutive at-bats of a double, two walks and a line-drive single to the outfield and failed to score a run in the sixth.

9:49: My column is filed, and I can look up long enough to see that this one just got out of hand after Daniel Moskos gave up stinging hits to all three batters faced. He had been charged with only one run through his first 13 major-league appearances, but all three of these guys came around.

10:29: Video of Correia just now. He calls his balk “dumb.”


  1. Karen22 says:

    Love that you’re here, Dejan, but this site is sooo confusing. You’re here, there, and everywhere (hmmm…sounds like a good song title). Why the entire staff shows up when you click on your name is beyond me. I’ll keep running through the maze, but you are a bit hard to find!

  2. MrB says:

    Cedeno just got something going…

  3. MrB says:

    Tabata got robbed on a fine play…

  4. MrB says:

    Paul generates some offense, but gives himself up on some good FUNDAMENTAL SITUATIONAL DEFENSE by Cleveland.

  5. pattonbb says:

    Hard to fault Paul there. Majority of the time, that ball doesn’t get cut off. Nice play by the Tribe. At least we got one back.

  6. MrB says:

    pattonbb…agreed, not really faulting Paul as much as I am backhandedly harping on the lack of fundamentals by one of the Pirate outfielders.

    Good job Resop…we’re still very much in this.

  7. MrB says:

    …and Jones continues to hit well…

  8. JMB says:

    8:54: Something you don’t see every day: The Indians had four consecutive at-bats of a double, two walks and a line-drive single to the outfield and failed to score a run in the sixth

    Yeah I thought only WE did that!

  9. MrB says:

    McKenry and the pitchers are having a lot of communication problems tonight…key factor in this game.

  10. pattonbb says:

    Totally understand MrB. And I agree. This is a talented and weel-coached Indian team. What’s the instant reply review about?

  11. pattonbb says:

    could I have any more typos in the above post?

  12. CDBrewer says:


    Hafner’s ball was really close to being a 3 run homer. That’s the review
    (then he was almost tagged out before getting to 2nd)

  13. MrB says:

    Well, this was a good contest for 7 innings…

  14. dwh0401 says:

    @ Karen22

    This is the direct link to DK’s blog. Recent posts from other blogs appear at the top of DK’s posts on his blog page.

  15. dwh0401 says:


    You must be a speed reader. I read all posts and as many comments as I can. It’s a struggle.

  16. Playoffs by 2012 says:

    Well that sucked…….gotta bounce back tomorrow

  17. pattonbb says:

    Oh well, hope we get them tomorrow.

  18. Bizrow says:


    PBC Nation – at the Trib
    California – Bakersfield, San Francisco, UNION CITY
    Colorado – Ft Collins
    Connecticut – Cos Cob
    Florida – Palm Harbor, Orlando
    Germany – Leverkusen/Cologne
    Idaho – Mountain Home, Coer d’Aline
    Indiana – Indianapolis
    Illinois – La Salle, Peru
    Kentucky – Louisville
    Japan – Tokyo
    Louisiana – Slidell
    Maryland – Arnold, Odenton
    Massachusetts – Boston
    Michigan – Kalamazooooooo ( al la, Pittsburgh goal scored by Mario Lemoooooooooooooo)
    Mississippi – Biloxi
    New Jersey – Chesterfield, Princeton, Roxbury
    New York – New York, Smithtown
    North Carolina – Asheville, Hickory
    Ohio – Cincinnati, Columbiana, Westerville, Green, Hilliard
    Pennsylvania – Downtown, Hopewell, Indiana, North Wales, Franklin Park, Forest Hills, Lansdale, Philadelphia, DuBois, Reading
    South Carolina – Duncan
    Tennessee – Smithville
    Texas – Tyler
    Virginia – JAL, Hampton, Rescue, Richmond
    Washington – Seattle, Nine Mile Falls
    Wisconsin – Madison

    53, change is a rough thing at times but what doesn’t kill you, well you get a bit stronger
    6/17/2011 10:29PM

  19. Florida steeler says:

    Get Overbay the hell out of the lineup. Two more joke FA signings by Neal. Diaz and Overbay are awful and PLEASE find a shortstop.

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