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Wakeup Call: The Canadian dream

ST. PAUL, Minn. — Some sporting thoughts before sunrise …

>> I have a couple pieces this morning from the NHL Entry Draft, one of them a case for the Penguins and Jaromir Jagr each giving a little to get a deal done, the other a feature on first-round pick Joe Morrow.

I’d be lying if I didn’t confess to you that it was fun to be here. Used to cover drafts all the time, and it’s a scene unlike any other with all these kids and their families in suits and ties, holding their breath until the last name is called. Few things in sports are sadder than the faces of those in attendance who don’t get picked.

>> Stat of the day: Four Pittsburgh kids went in the first 64 picks, exactly the same number of Russians taken. Raise your hand if you ever saw that coming.

>> I am told that the baseball club has fared quite well in my absence.

>> I’m flying home this morning and will appear on KDKA-TV’s “Sports Showdown” much later tonight. Maybe I’ll see some ball in between.


  1. DavedigsDKsBlog says:

    Is this 1992?

    Three winning teams in town. Jagr possibly back with the Pens.

    Think I’ll go listen to some Guns N’ Roses.

  2. PgherinLev says:

    Wish I could have just clicked the like button, Dave digs!

  3. JAL says:

    Someone elses problem now

    Arizona Central

    Diamondbacks trying to diagnose Zach Duke’s pitching issues

  4. Curt says:

    Great post Dave, made me laugh with the last line. Maybe I should bust out my Bobby Bonilla jersey. Lol.
    This team has a different feel to it. Plus I see the confidence building with these guys as well. When was the last time we had leads late in games and feeling like there’s no way were losing, other than the closing eras of Jose Mesa or Mike Williams (Just kidding)
    The Hammer has been awesome!

  5. Karen22 says:

    People are noticing…lots of Pirate talk in various national venues this morning. Don’t wake me up…I MUST be dreaming!!

    If we sweep the Sox today, I’ll verify that!

  6. safetydave says:

    Great links JAL, really enjoyed the John Mehno article on Clemente – 5 tool indeed
    Dukey being Dukey

  7. Duncan says:

    So great to be a Pittsburgh fan and Pirates fan today. I can’t wait until the next person asks me “why” I am a Pirates fan.

  8. Joe C says:

    Hey Dejan,

    I really love the new blog, and happy you’ve gotten another opportunity to shine! :)

    I am amazed and really happy to see the Pirates doing so well this weekend. Have to admit when they went 4 games under .500 I thought they were done, but who knows? With them only being 3 games out, and St. Louis struggling, it’s time for Nutting and Huntington to put their money where their mouth is: They ARE contending this year, and they need a bat. The pitching has been miraculously good, but I don’t think this can hold up for 3 more months. They have to start hitting at some point.

  9. Drew says:

    Dave – You’ve have to turn that G ‘n R up pretty loud.

    Dejan is blasting KISS.

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