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Wakeup Call: Baseball’s own Selection Sunday

WASHINGTON – Some sporting thoughts before sunrise …

>> I’m in our nation’s capital this morning to spend a little time with the club for my Monday column, and it’s a good day to be around. All-Star picks are announced on live TV today at noon.

I’d love to hear your choices for the Pirates or even beyond that for the National League. My own, for the Pirates: Joel Hanrahan and Andrew McCutchen. Not one or the other. Both.

>> Don’t mean to beat this drum to death, but I can’t, for the life of me, understand how competitive men can oversee these Pirates and not lift a finger to address the offense.

When you’re a couple games out of first place in July in a weak division, and you’re trotting out lineups in which five of the nine players were in the minors just a month ago … that’s not even trying.

And to that small but vocal group that files the Freddy Sanchez trade under “Good,” let me add this: The onus of identifying and acquiring outside talent is not on any of us. It’s on the general manager. He’s the one who knows what’s out there, the names and the offers. He’s the one who has to find a way to get it done. Quit making excuses for the Pirates, for once. Try an objective view.

I’m not suggesting my view is perfectly objective. I don’t think anyone can say that in any situation. But I know I at least give it an effort.

These Pirates have done some terrific things this year, and that’s to the credit of everyone, including the front office. But sitting by idly right now threatens to derail all of that. Look at the run differential. Look at other metrics. This isn’t sustainable. Offense is needed.

>> Honestly, I could go on some more about Jaromir Jagr’s meager, meandering explanations for signing with the Flyers, especially the nonsense about not telling the Penguins he wanted to return to Pittsburgh. But I won’t. Fact is, he was a free agent, and he could sign anywhere he wanted. He did that.

Seems like a good time to move on.

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