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Wakeup Call: Selig, Boras, All-Stars talk Pirates

PHOENIX – Some sporting thoughts before sunrise …

Andrew McCutchen flips a ball during the National League's workout last night. -- AP

>> I interviewed Bud Selig yesterday at a charity event north of the city. Thanks to the commissioner for taking the time out for one guy from Pittsburgh on a day in which he had three community stops, plus a fan chat, plus attending all the actual All-Star stuff at Chase Field. I hope I’m half that functional when I get to be his age. Also, thanks to Major League Baseball for arranging our meeting.

I will be interested to hear your feedback on the piece, which also includes stuff from Scott Boras and several All-Star players.

>> My premise that Pittsburgh is important to MLB has its roots elsewhere: About a decade ago, I would regularly write that the NHL needs Pittsburgh more than Pittsburgh needs the NHL. Being that the Penguins were coming out of bankruptcy, playing in a decrepit building and ranking among the bottom-feeders of the standings and in attendance, the premise sounded ridiculous to some. And I took my share of snark for it.

Not as much snark on that topic now.

>> No, Boras had nothing to say when I asked about the Pirates’ top two draft picks, Gerrit Cole and Josh Bell. In fact, he made it clear he wouldn’t be discussing it at all.

>> If the DUI arrest report on Hines Ward is even half-accurate, he’s in as much trouble as he deserves. I know he’s a terrific guy, and he’s done some wonderful things in the community and for Koreans. But when I read that report, honestly, I don’t find care all that much.

A drunk driver is the equivalent of a brandished weapon, except that it can be pointed at the heads of whole families and children.

>> We will have a special All-Star chat at noon. As always, you can begin submitting entries right away.

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